• They learn as much as adults do

    Yes kids should have a say in politics because they learn as much as adults do from watching TV and now being on social media they learn the concepts of politics. I personally think kids should a say in all types of politics because they are smart and they are very reliable to!

  • Kids will surprise adults with what they know

    Kids are so much smarter then you give credit for, and me being one doesn't make me biased because I have a strict Libertarian view and three years ago I didn't even know what that meant. If all ya'll stopped looking at us like we're not understanding something when we turn on the news, then you're wrong, so next time just ask us if we understand what it means.

  • Children would be great

    In politics. Being a child myself i know that i would enjoy being in politics and i'm sure all kids would be rushing to get this place. It is a great idea and i fully support it, i mean kids would do an amazing job in politics and we could create a better world

  • Globally and politically astute

    Children should be raised with politics being a norm rather than something boring which grown ups talk about. Politics crosses so many educational and social frontiers. Reading papers, having a justified opinion, debating, being able to disagree but maintain friendships are all vital. Allowing them to take part in adult conversations gives them self confidence and involves them. I could go on and on about the need for children to find politics a daily norm.

  • Yes children are the future

    Children should not have a say in politics because they are children and the future of our world but because they are humans and citizens of this country Iam not suggesting that children should have a vote however a child voice in this country is very much needed .
    I am a child of only 12 years old however the fact that I am writing this case puts forward my exact feelings for this case.

  • Yes the children need to develop some responsibility for their choices

    Adults believe children wont make smart decisions in who they elect. Yet they only seem to look at the children who wont make the supported decisions. And they don't look at the ones that look at all the evidence and make the correct decision. The children who know what they are talking about are the ones that will be interested enough to go out and vote

  • Children are usually more pure in their ideals.

    If any group could go about voting without any ulterior motives, I'm pretty sure it would be the kids. They could bring a fresher, less corrupt view of issues to the table. Of course if you let them have a role in politics, they're going to need to be educated in it. Where I live, you don't get a government or economics class until you're in the 12th grade, around the age of 18. Which is the age when people start developing their political stances. I think that's why kids don't get into it at a younger age. Teach it to them at a younger age, and ask them to develop their political opinions. They'll definitely be more pure than those of adults. Let them develop an opinion and then give them a role.

  • Yes we should!

    I address the adults who do not think we aren't mature enough to elect the right people: Look around you. If you observe or look carefully, political awareness has taken a toll in almost every teenager and child's life aged below 18. In fact, we do see through the loop holes in the present governments that adults seem in-denial to agree with. We can elect truer, more sincere governments and we should have the right to vote, a major role in Politics. Take my home country, India, for example. The younger population is far more educated and practicallly aware of what sort of a government we need. But I'm a Non-Resident Indian, an NRI and I can't vote for another 2 years.

    Posted by: MK96
  • Yes They Should!

    Finally a question about this! Kids should have a say in politics. They should be able to tell the government about the things that are affecting their childhood. I am a teenager and I always wanted to tell the government my opinion as a child. The schools in my city have always been poorly funded and class/clubs in my schools are slowly deteriorating. I also always thought that Manned Exploration should be continued, and we should raise the retirement age. Believe it or not, even now, children are capable of having well thought, smart opinions. The government just fears letting the kids have a say. The right for free speech is embedded in our nation's constitution so why can't way give ideas to the government? How do you think that some kids feel about modern day? There are many problems with EVERY nation nowadays. No nation is perfect. Our leaders should take examples from whoever they can and be able to tell bad ideas from good ideas. Come on government it's time to listen to the younger ones too.

    I am 14 by the way. I know what I'm saying.

  • Yes, it's their world too, and most importantly, it'll be theirs to deal with in the future.

    Children play an important role in life, they are the us who had not lost their innocence, their sense of wonder, and their desires for smiles.

    I'm sure most leaders out there had said to themselves something along the lines of, "when I was a kid, I dreamed of making the world a better place for everyone." But of course now, most leaders have corrupted themselves through all the battles and scars they had to endure to reach where they are today.

    Hence, a reason children should have a say in our politics, is to remind us leaders what our original goal was; that our goal is not to win, but to make a change for the better of humanity.

  • Let kids be kids

    When I was young, I had no interest in politics, I let the grownups deal with that boring stuff. I think social media has forced the kids to be "involved", Like if you don't, You're not cool. Watching documentaries and reading headlines that are biased one way or the other makes the other side "look" bas in the kids eyes. It causes too much unneeded stress on the kids. Let them focus on their schooling and having fun. Coming from a Mom of two teenage girls.

  • No, terrible idea

    I am a youngster myself, and even I believe, even knowing what I know about politics, that children should not. Kids our age or under 18 most of the time from where I see it, don't understand everything they need to know about politics before having an opinion. They need more research and less phone time. Maybe then I'd consider looking at their opinion.

  • They have better things to do

    With social media , children do not bother going through Donald Trump's instagram account , however , cannot wait to go through Kylie Jenner's . Obviously. For kids to even be interested in politics , politicians should be inspiring to do something great , not by "shutting down child cancer funding in NYC (suggested by Harry Reid ..

    It is true that there were inspirational leader such as Mahatma Gandhi, but can you find any now?

  • Not just yet

    Engaging in politics and giving them the right to vote is a serious matter of responsibility, minors who are not of legal age are under the supervision of their parents or legal guardian. Instead of wasting time on encouraging these children the right to vote in an early age, we should instead focus on enhancing the qualities of the future voters. They are still children and have many more things to learn and experience, they will assume adulthood as heavy burdens soon enough, let kids be kids until that time comes. Im 14 btw lol

  • Probably Not a good idea

    Letting children have a role in politics might seem like a good idea, and it might seem like children would have a more "pure" view on the government but where I go to school I wouldn't trust any of the 16 year old kids with a learners permit let alone the right to vote. Plus if your talking 15 and under most of them barely understand what the government does and how much voting affects the rest of the country. Even if you educate the children about the government and how it works and what voting does they Most Likely still wouldn't fully understand the impact that their decision would have on so many people. Now there could be a few children who do understand this fact but that's the minority and the majority of children would choose the candidate with the most colorful ad. I think the right to vote should be left to the older people who understand the impact that their presidential vote will have on the country.

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