• It's not a bad idea.

    I hear it takes two incomes for most families. However a family can make it on one income if they budget right and only have the needs and either have none of the want's or only a limited amount of the want's. Having said that even after the Children go to school full time it shouldn't be looked down upon if one of the Children's parent's choose to be a stay at home parent. Maybe those Children's parents want to be a class parent and/or involved in PTA. It should be a choice made by the family without society ridiculing. I've even heard some people want to outlaw stay at home parent's after the Children go to school full time.

  • Perhaps ... Children's primary developments comes from the Parents.

    First and foremost, this is my first post, and I look forward to the following conversations and input!

    Assuming the parents themselves have a defined moral foundation (often developed from their own childhood), if I may appeal to tradition, it as always been this way for most children to learn their character from their parents, God-parents, or guardians. What other way should be suggested?

  • They could be naughty

    Children left alone tend to play with fire and mess stuff up there is a 48.5% chance you will come home to a burn't down house just make sure you pick the right parent to stay at home not the lazy one whjo will lay down in bed munching kid's sweets

  • It's not a bad thing.

    Having a stay at home parent is not bad by any means. I personally have a stay at home dad and he still has a night job so he can help my mom support us kids. It has been great having a parent at home to have fun with us and still not feel guilty about us not having enough money to live on.

  • Nowadays, it takes two to bring home the bacon for the whole family.

    Since it takes two to bring home the bacon for the whole family, having a stay-at-home parent is not always possible for kids, especially nowadays. Many people don't get paid well enough at their jobs to make having one stay-at-home parent feasible, so both parents do have to work. Also, there's no reason why women can't also work outside the home. That's part of what the womens' movement fought for.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Until a Certain Age

    A stay at home parent can be critical in the initial development and safety of a child, who wants a babysitter for their 6 month old baby?

    Buttt, when the child is over the developent bump (10 years) a "stay at home parent" quickly turns into an excuse to get out of working a full schedule and just enjoying themselves at home. I mean, Why are you still at home when your childs at school?? You are not helping them in anyway.

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