• Yes. It is IMPORTANT

    We need mobile phones to call for emergencies. Well, okay, IF you say NO, why would we borrow phones from people we don't know? And if there's an accident, earthquakes, tornadoes, happen, and there are no securities or police there, using a phone is much easier and a faster way to call for help rather than getting sucked into disaster. Also, if you are kidnapped, your family may know where you are because of supporting FAMILY apps, like Family MAP. If we get obsessed, then we may ask our parents or just make a time table of when you may access your phone. Like only playing on weekends or just right after school on Fridays, and that helps a lot. It maintains our stress from school, just so we can relax, we also can make friends on social media. But if a stranger contacts you, don't ever talk to the stranger if you don't know who he/she is.

  • Yes but with limits

    Children should have access to cell phones simply because it is a new day and age and I would want to be able to contact my student. However, there must be limits because you don't want six years olds having a cell phone and being able to call and text whoever they want either.

  • Mobile phones can be an efficient tool for children.

    Mobile phones can be an efficient tool for children, particularly in regard to keeping in contact with parents and vice versa. It is important, however, for parents to set clear guidelines about mobile phone usage and enforce rules when they're broken so that children learn mobile phone etiquette early on.

  • Children should have access to mobile phones.

    There are a number of times where mobile phones have kept people out of danger. It can apply to children, too. 1. Let's say that someone is following you and you want them to get away, whip out your phone and fake a phone call by saying, "oh, you'll be here any minute?" That could stop a possible rape, murder, or kidnapping. There have also been multiple occasions of kidnapping where the victim took a picture of the offender and that made them stop. Also, if the family does not have a land line phone and an emergency happens, the child can use their mobile phone to call 911

  • Sure. Why not?

    Mobile phones are a great advancement in technology. They allow you to know things in real time, as opposed to having to wait to know.

    Parents often use the excuse "There were no mobile phones in my time, and I was just fine". But mobile phones have changed a lot of what we do in many ways. They make it easy to talk to someone such as a friend or parents while in a long car ride or waiting for school. If you had to walk home from school, your parent can tell you in just a second. Cell phones are like shoes. Humans spent most of their history without them, but they have benefited us.

  • Children don't need phones

    Phones can cause family problems, health problems, financial problems, and some drastic problems with previous phones have already been presented and taken care of.
    If we do not fix this soon, this could spark disaster in the near future. Some disaster has already happened, as the Samsung Galaxy Note seven's battery exploded in a fiery inferno, as well as Samsung S7, in 2016. If we keep making the same mistakes as these, a majority of the victims of these explosions could be ten-year-old kids! We should also think about our brain power. If we all had smartphones at a young age, we might find our knowledge diminishing, because our smartphones will be doing the hard brain work for us, using apps such as calculator, translator, and the internet."Age isn't as important a kid's maturity level, ability to follow home (and their schools') rules, and their sense of responsibility." says Common Sense Media."Parents really need to consider whether their kids are ready to use their [smart]phones responsibly and respectfully." That really is the main problem here. Kids may want these amazing technological advancements, but we have to see that they are ready to use them responsibly, and not to emotionally hurt others through cyberbullying. When the parents just want some time to themselves, parents may give smartphones to their kids as muting devices, but are they really getting what they want? Smartphones are horribly expensive, and most children just aren't responsible enough to have a smartphone at age 10, sometimes even at age 15. Parents just need to have their kids understand that "Mommy(or Daddy) needs some alone time".
    In addition, health issues can come along with too much smartphone usage. "Research has focused on germs, traffic accidents, cancer, electromagnetic radiation, and...Changes in brain activity and sleep patterns." says South University. When smartphones cause so much damage, why do we even bother buying $800 dollar smartphones? On top of that, children take so much time on their smartphones, that the phone bill will increase from around $142, to $213 or more. Buy a kid a flip phone, that has limited minutes and service. Even though you have to renew service and buy more minutes, kids will have little access to the internet, it has no app store, and you can control who they're texting and calling.
    Be safe and don't get a kid a smartphone until they show that they will be responsible with it.

  • Nono no no

    Mobile phones are idiotic and rot children's minds mobile phones are idiotic and rot children's minds mobile phones are idiotic and rot children's minds mobile phones are idiotic and rot children's minds mobile phones are idiotic and rot children's minds mobile phones are idiotic and rot children's mindsmobile phones are idiotic and rot children's mindsmobile phones are idiotic and rot children's mindsmobile phones are idiotic and rot children's minds

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  • Only in limited situations

    For the most part, children don't need mobile phones, especially ones with unlimited internet access. They are in school most of the day, in a somewhat supervised situation. Kids with phones in school can use them to cheat and to do things they shouldn't be doing at all. Children don't drive, and unless they need to contact their parents after school for rides, etc, they don't need phones.

  • Limit Children's Access to Mobile Phones

    Children shouldn't have free access to mobile phones. These devices are a distraction for younger children and can have lasting negative impacts. With that in mind, parents should limit their child's access to smartphones and similar devices. Otherwise, a child might grow up addicted to using these devices every moment of the day.

  • Children should not have access to mobile phones.

    Children should not have access to mobile phones. I believe that children do not have any business owning or using a phone unless it is an emergency. I know one parent who purchased their five year old a cell phone for Christmas and I just could not believe it. I asked who he was going to call.

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