• This is the era of technology

    Technology is everywhere in this age, and still expanding. Mobile phones are becoming more and more necessary in order to communicate, and are even sometimes used in classrooms. Cell phones are a resource for kids, and though it might be distracting, keeping children away from technology is even more harmful to them. With clear rules for usage (do homework first, for example), mobile phones can greatly help children, especially in this era of technology.

  • Yes, they should.

    I think that children should have cell phones if their parents decide that it is appropriate and can afford one for their child. They can be used to contact the parent if the child is in danger or to call for rides home from school. They are also useful for accessing the Internet. Parents can teach their kids how to use them safely.

  • One word: Firefly

    Of course no child should have an iPhone. But they do need something to use in case of an emergency. I think all kids should get a phone like the firefly. It only has a few numbers that the parents can program into it. The child also has access to 911. What do kids even do with regular cellphones? Text their friends "Can you give me my crayola tomorrow?" lol I don't understand those parents who spoil their kids like that.

  • They need to be able to call for help

    An emergency can happen at any time. They need to be able to call 911, and need to be able to contact their parents or trusted care givers in case of an emergency. They need to be able to record video and audio of their surroundings to catch abuse on tape.
    Before giving any young child a phone, always make sure they understand the rules about 911 and not to dial random #s, explain in detail to them.
    If your on a budget, tell them its only for emergenices and make sure they understand the importance of being able to call for help, not to waste their minutes calling their friends, then put a limit on how many minutes they have if your on a budget.
    You can also add other emergeny #'s, the parent's # and other contacts such as relatives or friends incase they need a ride or their is an emergency.

  • No they should not be given Phones

    Mobile spoiles children eyes and sometimes they also cause brain damage . Mobile should be given after 16 years .Mobile should not be given to small children . Mobile also stops children from playing outside.They always sit in house playing games and other things so mobile should not be given to children under 16 years.

  • There is no need

    Children should never be in a place where they are not supervised by adults. They should not have a need for a mobile phone at all. They are either at school, being taken to and from school by parents or somewhere else with adults.

    Kids are more likely to become addicted to phones if they have them at such an early stage as well. Also there is still no proof that they do not cause damage on the developing brain.

  • No they shouldnt

    Childrens minds and imaginations have become corrupted with modern technology. With mobile phones it takes away their needs to develop social skills and does not open them up to the real world. Childhood is supposed to be the time of imagination and enjoying the lack of responsiblity. Children should not be exposed to the corrupting, not to mention innapropriate world of social media and mobile telephones

  • Unaware of surrounding.

    Going in line with my headline, i believe giving children mobile phones to children will get them addicted to non productive activities like chatting online,in an age where they should be building their physical and mental capacity by going and playing outside. Mobile will only constrain them from developing completely.

    Posted by: anik
  • It depends what age

    Anything younger than year 6/ 7 (grade 6) I personally think would be a bit of hand, if there objective was to call there mates with it. If they had one before that and it was only to call family members or it was an emergency or there stuck somewhere, I would see that as OK.

  • It's a distraction for young minds.

    As a parent,I feel that children get distracted and waste precious time on these mobile phones especially when they use it for mindless banter which can occupy all their time.They are so easy to divert their attention from school work or other activities that stimulate them.They should interact with others and build their communication skills and exchange ideas.One of my kids is perhaps addicted to the phone which I have had to lock up on several occasions and the younger one now does not see the need for it as he realises the harm it can do (seeing it from the outsiders perspective).Not to mention the pressure to conform or outperform ,or risk of theft and financial pressures of these phones.

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