Should children have more choice in their education.

  • Some classes that are mandatory won't be helpful to their future.

    If you want to be a sales person, You would want to learn more languages/ELA, But if are more athletic and you want to be an athlete when you grow up, Studying ELA wouldn't be very helpful. If you want to be a scientist, You might want to study extra science. We should let kids choose the classes that will actually be helpful later in life.

  • Children need flexibility to explore

    Children are creatures designed to crave exploration. They're curious about their world, And letting them take the lead helps insure that that curiosity never leaves them. If children had more flexibility, It would help opinions towards school change for the better. I've heard so many complaints from children that school is too strict, And if we let them explore for once, It's likely they'd thrive in a less structured system designed so they can learn in a way that's best for them.

  • The children has opinions of them.

    The children is a people too. So we might be stopping the thinking that they do. So it is very complicated to say. There might be children want to do. They have thinking too. It is very unreal if we keep them in a cage. They have a dream too. So if they want their dream to become true than there should be a freedom too them. If you see the BBC news.
    The children who hit their parents
    By Noel Phillips & Sarah Bell
    Victoria Derbyshire programme
    there is a child that hit thier mother or their father because of the stress

  • Children should have choice because the classes we take will decide our future.

    Some kids parents decide our education. What about where we want to go? What about the things they want to do? It seems as they want to decide our future for use. This is why we need to decide our own education, So we can be what we want to be and accomplish what we want to accomplish.

  • Children shouldn't make big decisions

    After having finished school myself, I now see minor effects of my choices in deciding which subject I want to keep and which subject I don't want. I didn't know what I was going to study after school and I found it odd, That I had to decide so early on (fifth grade it was either a new language or natural sciences)
    I am still pretty much able to study what I want, But I feel like allowing more customization is hard if the children don't know what they want to study and in the end, They might end up blocking a path, They would have wanted to take.

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