Should children have more field trips that are unrelated to school?

  • Yes YES ok

    Yes because kids should have more fun after having so many testes like the mca and the nwea and also the olpa so YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YESYES YES YES YES YES

  • Plz yes plz

    Kids need a break from sitting in a classroom all day, and people are saying child hood obesity is a problem but in school u do nuttin but sit so if we have more non school field trips kids will want to come to school more . At least I will

  • Yes, they should.

    I love field trips and I want one that is non-related to school. For example, we should go on a field trip by plane. Where? I'd suggest a foreign country like Greece. At least if you go to a school that does not learn Geography. If you do, maybe an amusement park with really cool stuff like magic things like a real person in a screen! WHOA!-AJB

  • Children should have field trips not related to school

    I believe children should have field trips of every sort, even the ones that are not related to school. It gives children the opportunity to explore and view different places and can be used as a reward method for students that do well in school. For instance, a field trip to a Aviation Museum is fun, exciting, and it even teaches students about airplanes.

  • Yes, children should have more field trips unrelated to school.

    The focus of schooling in most US schools today is on 'the test.' Teachers teach the test, students learn the test, and that is the end of it. There is little creativity, and even littler exploration of the world around them. Any opportunity that students have of seeing the world and learning about things not focused on in 'the test' is good, and should be taken. So, yes, students should have more field trips.

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  • No, They Shouldn't

    Kids go on field trips as a LEARNING experience, not to have a break from school. That's what weekends are for! We should only have field trips if kids are gonna learn something, not to go to some wacky amusement park or to a play or something. No unrelated field trips!

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