• Gym is healthy

    We should have gym every day because it prevents health risks such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and obesity. Also kids need 60 minutes of play a day. Only half the kids in the U.S.A get all 60 minutes of play. Only 1 in 8 Canadians get 60 minutes a day.

  • More P.E. Please

    I only get 30 minutes of P.E. At school. Half the time we talk. So really we get 15 minutes. P.E. Is fun I love P.E.. More pe more pe more pe. We all need to excirse for at least a hour each day. Pe is a get way to do that. Not if you only get 15 minutes though. I vote more pe. Who's with me

  • I think students should be able to have longer PE.

    We cant help what they do on their own time, but we can at school. We cant help or tell them what to do at home, but we can at school. We should keep them active during the day, im not saying they have to run non-stop, cause i dont like running. But i do like sports, i am playing sports, its very important to be in sports, i think everybody should at least be in one sport. I am in 3 sports, and i love PE. Its the best part of the day and i think it needs to be longer.

  • Yes there should be more P.E classes at school

    We need more P.E classes because its more fun then learning and sitting in your chair like a nerd and you can get up and do something physical. Many students dont do excersise at home and once a week is not sufficien. We cant help what they do in there own time but we can at school.

  • So they can be healthy and have a long healthy life.

    P.E. Classes provide a way for students to get some exercise, whether it be playing soccer or lifting weights. In addition to keeping students fit, P.E. Also helps students in the classroom. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention physical education classes increase test scores and students’ focus. As is currently the norm sports would still grant P.E. Credit, meaning that two seasons of a sport would replace one year of P.E. This provides a choice to the students to either explore new activities or to pursue one or several sports they are passionate about while still ensuring that everyone is getting their daily exercise.

  • We should have more p.E.

    After some fun p.E. You have to sit in your stinken medal chair. I say as myself you need at least 1 hour in p.E. Because i go bouncing off the walls after that and of corse yak! Yak! Yak! Goes the teacher {don't want that } that is why i think that. P.E. IS AWESOME

  • More Excersize at school

    I think PE should be longer since kids only get 20 minutes of PE time in elementry school.I don't think this is fair.This should be atleast be an hour or 40 minutes during the time.Its time we extend PE time to atleast an hour or 40 minutes at school people.

  • More Physical Education Necessary

    The average child could use extra hours of physical education in school. However, schools need to shift from letting students play games to actually educating them. Children need to know the basics of physiology, proper diet, and exericse. Actually teaching the students would help curb obesity rates and promote healthy lifestyles.

  • Yes, it helps with academics.

    Yes, children should have more PE in school, because more PE can help with academics. Children who have physical education courses can concentrate more in school. Children who have gym every day also have fewer problems with attention deficit disorder. Physical education is important for life and helps with student achievement in many areas.

  • More Exercise is Healthier

    Children should have more physical education in school because active kids are healthier. As part of a PE curriculum, pupils can be taught basic nutrition, exercise and even yoga for better preventive medical practices. Even better, certified health professionals can give lessons on better nutrition and how to take care of the human body.

  • Gym is tourture

    Gym actually shouldn't be mandatory because some kids will collapse after gym or have an asthma attack, and some schools think that just because they had an asthma attack they should continue gym after they recover. Most kids (some girls) start getting cramps when they run and when they tell their teacher they tell them to keep running

  • Never saw the point as a child and as an adult

    I may not be in school anymore but i always found P.E useless
    exercise should be left for learning in health class but should be done at home what does playing games have anything to do with an education some kids like it but the ones who dont are forced to the ones that dont consider it useless therefore give them the option to choose another class not more or eliminated but should not be mandatory to graduate what does your weight have anything to do with a diploma or a job in the future??

  • No kids should not have more P.E.

    Kids only have 180 days of school just giving them an hour each day will make them lose 180 hours of school. That adds up to if you attend the school that I go to adds up to 30 school days. I know that I am still a student but that means that I am ha rind the experience right this moment.

  • No, kids should not have more P.E. Time.

    Kids should not have more P.E. Time because usually kids have recess and at least 1 gym class each week. If kids are obese that is their problem. They are already getting 15 - 30 minutes of recess every day and 1 hour o gym once a week. This is why kids should not get extra P.E time.

  • School should NOT have more PE lessons

    Firstly, the amount of academic coursework is already a heavy burden for students to bear. More pe lessons will only result in less time for other, more "important" subjects.
    Secondly, including the long school hours and the many e.C.A. S that students nowadays go through, extra pe lessons lead to a larger possibility of fatigue, futher affecting students' academic performances.

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  • Not in school

    This is a bit ironic because I am in school, but whatever. I find P.E in school to be a complete waste of my time. We use the first 20 minutes of P. E for useless running, which anyone can do at home. And we spend another 15 minutes talking about the rules that everyone knows about. P.E should be more about the things that help us exercise, not playing capture the flag and being put on defense to do nothing. If you want to exercise at home, you can ride your bike, go for a walk, and even run. And you have plenty of time to do that. But at school, you only have about 50 minutes. I find P.E a waste of my time, and I could do something better with that time like do homework.

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