• They are fun toys.

    I remember when I came to this country, My parents were not familiar with toy firearms. It was in 2nd grade, My father brought me a toy gun, And my mother had no problem with me owning one. When I got older to like my sixth and seventh grade years, I had owned "big boy" toy guns, Like the airsoft rifles. This continued to my high school years, And at one point (I still have it today) I had been given an AR-15 looking airsoft rifle. It was so awesome and I loved to shoot it. Of course I played with other toys during my childhood, But toy guns are not bad, I had some nerf guns, But I did not want them and gave them to relatives because they did not have realism in my opinion.

  • You HAVE to be kidding me.

    What even is this question. Who the crap is seeing statistics like "Kids who play with toy guns as a kid USUALLY kill people in the future" or some crap. This is some crap. No one is getting hurt. This is my motto, If ya ain't gettin hurt ya aint gettin heard. NO ONE IS DYING OR GETTINGHURT AND THIS IS NOT ENDORSING VIOLENCE. If you got a hunting family, If you want to play cowboys/girls or some crap be my guest.

  • Yes. If you educate them correctly.

    As a parent, You're responsible for educating your child. Children should be allowed to play games and have toy guns, As long as they recognise that these are toys and games. I played with Nerf guns as a kid, And I played some 'violent' video games. However, I was aware that these were games. I think most kids are smart enough to make that distinction. However, It may depend on the child. If you have a child that is particularly violent in general, Giving them toys like these may cause future problems. In general I think the majority of kids will be fine after playing with toy guns. Again, Education is key. Just make sure that your kids know that they're playing with toys and that actually hurting people is not cool.

  • Why is this a question

    A toy gun. A TOY gun. Toy, As in not harmful, Or dangerous, Or violent. Toy as in it shoots foam darts that can at most sting for a second, And then wear off. Yes. No toy guns are the reason behind violent children, Not neglect, Or abuse, It has to be nerf responsible for school shootings, Because apparently it's nerf or nothing.

  • Why juts toy guns

    Toy gun? Just give them a real gun. Give 'em a. 50 cal Desert Eagle or some other shit like a M4 so when they grow up they can become so famous from shooting up the local school. Their parent would be so proud of the for doing it too. In summary, Guns are a bad influence and shouldn't be given to kid.

  • Should adults have guns?

    Kid has a toy cooking set or maybe a toy piano or toy tool kit.
    They learn to cook, Play, And build creatively.
    Kids learn from toys.
    Kids with guns produce adults with guns should we teach them this.
    If toys are not harmful why don't we just give children a toy nuclear weapon kids learn from toys they learn from what they see and do that how they learn to speak and write.
    Give them a toy gun might as well give them a real one

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