• Drugs can make you feel good.

    When teenagers are depressed, It can help them out by getting through it. It can numb the feel away from the teenager. Even the best celebrities out there have in their life done drugs. I know this is a dumb answer :) but I just wanted to help out YES cause nobody picked it :( So don't come at me but realistically teenagers shouldn't look up to celebrities who glorify drug addiction. It can cause bad situations in a teenagers life, That they aren't ready for.

  • Children should not idolize celebrities who glorify drug addiction.

    Children should not idolize celebrities who glorify drug addiction. Celebrities who glorify drug addiction are very dangerous in the way they influence their fans who are still children. Children who look up to celebrities that idolize drug addiction will aspire to replicate that behavior and begin to experiment with drugs and in some cases develop their own addiction to drugs which may lead to death or legal troubles.

  • Children should not idolize celebrities.

    The idolization of celebrities is rarely a positive influence. Celebrities don't typically face life with the same expectations as normal people do. Children idolizing these celebrities is rarely healthy. Add the drug addiction into the issue, and there is even more reason to ensure that the child doesn't idolize that person.

  • No teens should not

    To be honest, How many celebrities died because of overdose all they are doing is encouraging teens to well kill themselves by taking drugs and not only that many celebs have been the reason teens have been placed in prison and died because drugs are the things to be cool and most celebs don't really care if they kill teens because why should they don't know that teen

  • No, I don't think children should idolize celebrities who glorify drug addiction.

    I think it's sending the wrong message to a child when they are admiring someone who is addictied to drugs and publicly stating that they are on them, I think there are plenty of upstanding celebrities who are not on drugs that are much more suitable role models for a child.

  • Children should not idolize celebrities that glorify drug addiction

    It is my opinion that children should not idolize celebrities that glorify drug addiction because this idolization can lead to those children becoming more likely to take part in illegal drug use. By emulating these celebrities, children are growing into teenagers with a predisposition towards becoming heavy drug users or addicts.

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