Should children in kindergarten be allowed to have lap tops and phones?

Asked by: Jennifer.Leth
  • Simple Is Best

    Although many will likely disagree with my point, I believe that kids SHOULD be allowed to have laptops and phones. When people think of words like laptops and phones, they tend to associate them with adjectives like expensive, fragile, and wasteful. But they forget that the original purpose of laptops is to have easy access to information on the go and the original purpose of phones is to easily contact someone. I agree that kids should NOT have high technological devices that ridiculously high-priced. But kids have access to this sort of technology. Why shouldn't they be able to use it to their advantage? With proper training, kids could learn how to use laptops to better educate themselves. The Internet is a great resource and even the cheapest laptop has access to it. Kids should also learn how to use phones because there are many cases in which they may need to notify their parents of trouble. Many kindergarteners are victims of kidnappings but this can be solved if kids always had a cell phone on them. There's no need to buy the latest MacBook Air or the new Galaxy Note Edge for kindergarteners. Sometimes, simple is best. And we should give only the best to our kids.

  • First, they should enjoy life

    Kids, especially, have to learn how to enjoy life first. For example, I've asked a bunch of my friends if they would rather go sky diving (or another fun activity)or play on their phones. They all would rather go sky diving. We also have to learn how to socialize and interact face to face.

  • Not at the age at kindergarten.

    I do not think children should be allowed to have laptops or phones and they actually do not need one. They're still really young and having laptops of phones takes great responsibility and they can always get laptops or phones later in life once they get older but at that age I think they should be more social and play outside with their friends instead of looking at the screens and if they start looking at laptops and phones, it might start to affect them by learning foul languages, attitude and thinking after going into the internet and they also have more possibility of ending up losing them or break it.

  • I know we have came along away in advancing technology, but...

    Young children do not need laptops nor cellphones. As Jennifer stated above computers in a classroom are just fine, and laptops require more responsibility. Especially since laptops are more prone to becoming damaged if handled incorrectly. A kindergartener could step on it or drop it, and if it is issued by the school then the parents have the burden of paying the fee for damages. As for cell phones, seriously? Who are they going to call other than mommy and daddy? You already know they will have trouble texting. We all know they are just going to play games on it. Just stick to video game consoles at home, and keeping the computer labs at schools.

  • For the future

    I think kids should be allowed to have computers. They are the foundation that shapes are future. By computers i mean computers in their class rooms. No child needs their own lap top at age 5 children are not very responsible. So to give them a $300 to $600 lap top that's just ridiculous, considering they can barely go a day without breaking something also if their parents need to call them they an call the office. A child doesn't need a laptop until their like 12 and not a phone until their about 10.

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