Should children in North America stay in quarantine for next year and continue remote learning?

Asked by: xdAN
  • Yes they should

    I think that children in North America should stay in quarantine for next year and continue remote learning because it would slow the spread of the coronavirus in the USA ok and yes I think that Children in North America should stay in quarantine and continue remote learning ok bye bye

  • Why risk it

    1699933 cases in the US right now 5/28/2020 go here to this link for a live view on what's happening 👉 https://coronavirus. Jhu. Edu/map. Html

    But anyway children going to school next year in this condition is not safe and America has the most cases of coronavirus in the world right now.

    China: 84, 104
    India: 158, 970
    The lowest right now is Lesotho: 2

    The only place that could have the safest year for kids is Lesotho in South Africa.
    If we have one case in America or two that's when I would advise children to go to school but right now that's too risky!

    Posted by: xdAN
  • Children should not be forced to stay home for the next year.

    Education is extremely important for all ages. Even now, Children are losing precious time that they could have been using to develop early skills, But now they have lost that opportunity.

    Besides this, It also comes down to a psychological factor as well. You cannot keep children locked away for a year. You just can't keep them in quarantine for that long and expect them not to have some negative effects on their mental health, Especially the older children. It's hard enough as it is right now to keep their mental health at ok levels.

    My final point is that the parents would literally go INSANE. Especially the ones that have to work from home. Even one small child and your average parent would have gone crazy by now. If you have the same person but with two, Three, Or FOUR children, A whole year and they would be considering suicide. We need to take into account the psychological effects of a year-long quarantine for children.

    In conclusion, Doing so would greatly affect children's learning and mental health of children and parents. We need to get children back in school as soon as it is safe, Or else we will have to face the consequences.

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