Should children in schools be treated the same if the teachers say that everyone is different? Why? Why not?

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  • Kids should be treated diffrently

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  • If you acknowledge that kids are different people, then you need to vary how you treat them to allow those differences.

    Since kids have different skill sets and strengths, you need to vary the education system to allow for those. If you have math as a strength, you should be allowed to take challenging math without having to take equally advanced language arts. We're all different people, and you need to allow kids to grow into themselves. A one-size-fits-all system only fits a few kids, and the rest are left to flounder above or below the average. Teachers have a responsibility to challenge and help all students excel.

  • NO! If the teachers say that you are different then why teach us the same.

    At school you have different ability's of students, ones who revise and know a lot already, and ones that really don't have a clue what is going on. For the time I was at school I was in the middle sometimes I got what was going on but other times I didn't. The teachers that say they know what is best for you and leave you with the thing that everyone else is doing if you don't get what is going on in the lesson and that is what they think is best for you, well that is just a load of crap!! Why should a dyslexic person be treated the same if they are not.

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