• Kids have human rights

    By children, I do not mean young children in elementary schools but I think kids in high school and above should be able to vote because they are more experienced and have enough knowledge to know who they are voting for. Smaller children in middle schools and elementary schools should have a practice session every year or something so they could get used to participating in elections and learn about different points of view from different political parties.

  • Teachers usually push their political views on students

    Teachers normally push whatever bias they have on students while they’re still impressionable, Which doesn’t let them formulate their own opinions based off their own experiences. Also, Why should they get to vote on laws that they have no business in? For example, They shouldn’t be able to vote on propositions for recreational drugs that they can’t even use at the time of voting. It makes no sense.

  • Too influenceable and incapable of understanding

    Voting is one of the most important processes in a democracy, Every party, Person or thing you're voting for has wide ranging effects depending on the votes that they/it recieve. A child is still unaware of the state of affairs in the world properly, And are easily manipulable by their parents, Peers, Teachers, Etc. Into believing something.

  • Children should not take part in elections.

    Children are not that experienced that they now everything about the politics. Believe me this the time for them to study, Not to take part in electing their representative. They will never ever know that who are they voting. And will vote only in the supervision of their parents. What parents like will be done by the children. Therefore, To make elections fair enough children should not participate in elections.

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