• It's good for brain development

    One of the main reasons experts support getting kids into foreign languages as soon as possible, Rather than waiting until they’re tweens and teens, Is based on how it affects brain development. Studies have shown that the brain of a young child has several areas active in language acquisition, A capacity that is significantly diminished as he or she grows older

  • Yes we should!!!!

    I think we should learn other languages like spanish/espanol and you could learn more and more languages cause if something bad is going to happen to like a persons home and they spoke spanish then you would have to use other languages and this is my reason why I think we should learn

  • Yes It's important for kids to learn a second language

    Learning a second language will not only give you a boost on the pay-rate it will put you ahead on the job list. It is crucial for the future of our kids to learn a second language, it will be a great help in their personal and professional life's later on.

  • I agree that children should learn second language due to 3 reason:

    First communication is the most important thing that we need to do in our life. Not only in this moment but also in the future. Second we're not gonna live only one thing in our entire life but lots of more thing. Third we need to learn how to get through with everything

  • Yes kids should learn a foreign language.

    It will help the kids in the future. It will help you communicate with other people. They will get a better job in the future. You will also be most likely to accomplish what you want. Kids needs to learn a foreign language to support the country or state that they are in.

  • Children should learn a second language

    Children should learn second languages because…

    Say you want to get a pizza delivery job in Southern California. But they turn you down after asking you a few questions. WHY, because you can’t speak Spanish. According to statistic brain.Com 13.70% of people in California speak only Spanish, that may not seem like a lot but when you relies that that is over 4 billion people who speak only Spanish it does. Being a delivery person includes a lot of communication. What if you come to someone’s door and they only speak Spanish and you can’t even speak a little bit? Something is going to get mixed up. That is one of the things that could happen if someone doesn’t learn another language. I will now state my main arguments on why I think that children should learn second language.
    According to fivetowns.Net, children who have studied a foreign language in elementary school achieve expected gains and have even higher scores on standardized tests in reading, language arts, and mathematics than those who have not. If that isn’t saying something I don't know what is. What if your child taking Spanish or any other language lessons can determine whether they get into a good college or not? I know that might seem like an over reaction. But it could be true. If a student learns another language don’t you think that that will make them understand and appreciate other cultures, countries, religions, and races? This can prevent them from stereotyping other people. It is better to learn a language as a child because you know less words so it will not be as difficult as would be if you we an adult to learn new ones.

  • Learning a new languages is the best way of learning a culture.

    People these days who do not know more than one language stay in america and when they want to go on a vacation they stay in america and go to california. America is not the most beautiful place you can ever go. If kids learn another language they will see the world in a knew way . Try new things and do knew things.

  • Children should learn a second language.

    It is good for children to learn a second language because it will broaden their horizons. If they are able to master a different language, they will have more opportunities later in life. In today's global world, knowing more than just one language will certainly be an advantage for everyone.

  • Yes they should

    A second language has a significant value to a student, and ultimately to the adult into which he or she will grow. Not only can the second language offer additional opportunities to that individual as they enter the workplace, but it also teaches a structure and discipline that other courses may not. My only stipulation to this opinion is that all students must first be taught English properly. Too many struggle with the basic English language and a second could only unfairly challenge that student.

  • yes

    Learning new languages helps children understand the world around them and engages their minds. They will learn many things outside of their native culture when they learn foreign languages. Additionally, the practical benefits of learning a different language can be reaped immediately when the child is an adult as it makes them more marketable.

    Posted by: dbb
  • What about NAPLAN and exams?

    By adding this to the curriculum you will then put on extra stress during exams such as NAPLAN and ICAS. Not everyone loves exams as I do but to add on that bit more will tip people over the edge, There are already kids at my school that can't do/read/write the very fundamentals in English and can't do standard maths in year 8 this to be quite honest is HORRIFYING that these people are our earth's future.

  • Learning a second language is a waste

    Speaking another language will only get you a 2% return on investment which is not much more than what you would make if you didn't speak a second language. Most jobs do not even require you to know another language which means that you most likely won't use it as an adult. If the students don't continue their studies after they graduate then they will probably forget it soon after. That is why learning another language is a complete waste of time.

  • Everything is wrong with language emergent programs

    If language emergent programs are so good then why aren’t there more schools doing it only 20 schools are doing it. Some of those language emergent programs take children out of school to go to the country the language is from for up to nine months this is just unacceptable. Parents pay up to $20,000 for there child to go to school every year and if nine months of it is taken up by travelling to a different country and learning one language why should the parents pay. Plus if they learn a different language it may confuse them and make the children depressed and angry which could lead to them taking there anger out on other people which no parent wants for there kid. Why is this good

  • What is first language in your country?

    I agree with this opinion when you living in a country that the first language isn't English for example in Italy first language isn't English and you have to learn English because English is an international language and that is the most important language in the world. But when you living in England that the first language is English you don't need the second language because you can do everything when you know English.

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  • Trying to learn a second language is like trying to fill a cup that is already full, with extra water.

    . In other words, a student’s mind is already full with the work from other classes, and an extra class is just going to be too much for a single brain to hold. It is a known fact that 85% of high school students already feel stressed at times… but imagine how stressed those students could feel when you add a whole new subject, a whole new load of work, a whole new language, on top of the already time-consuming pile of stress students are handed at the beginning of each school day? How on earth can this be healthy for a growing child or teen? And if a second language is too much for an average student, imagine how hard it can be for a student with learning disabilities? Stress is one of the main causes for anxiety, and it can also cause cancer, high blood pressure, acne, chest pain, self-harm and even suicide. All for, what, a few foreign phrases learnt off by heart, forgotten immediately after an exam? Would you put your health, your student’s health, your CHILD’S health at risk for another language? I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t!

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