• Yes: Children Should Learn About Wetlands Protection

    We only have one earth, and modern humans have been living on it for around 200,000 years. While humans have always modified their environment, and in some cases destroyed it, it is not until the last few hundred years that we have catastrophically impacted the living system to the brink of collapse. This is why it is so critical that children learn to appreciate and understand the fragile wetlands, so that we might be more inclined to create a liveable world.

  • Wetlands protection should be taught and understood in how it should be applied under the context of Congressional law.

    Wetlands protection is necessary to preserve the habitat of certain areas within the United States. If there is no instruction in how it is applied and how that application has consistently violated the property rights of landowners, in capricious and sometimes vicious ways, then our children will fail to appreciate how environmentalism is consistently used as a tool of corruption in the US.

  • Children should learn about wetlands protection.

    Children should learn about wetlands protection. Our education system should include the teaching of wetlands protection. Wetlands protection is an important environmental issue and is not taught well enough about in schools. Carbon monoxide and the pollution of the ozone layer are far more frequently talked about in schools while wetland protection is often omitted from classroom education.

  • Yes, children should learn about wetlands protection.

    I definitely think that children should learn about wetlands protection. I think that it is important for kids to learn about protecting and saving the environment regardless of how young they are. I think that kids learning about protecting the wetlands can only be a positive thing for a community.

  • It Should Be Covered

    I believe children should learn about wetlands protection. During my time in elementary school I remember going to a wetland area and being told what makes wetlands so special. I think all children should be taught about this problem because these same students will grow up and make decisions about career fields. It is possible some of these students could be interested in working in this field and to me, that's part of what education is about, exposing young people to different opportunities.

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