• 100% Important at a young age

    The world is now all about technology. Most of our jobs in the future will have to have a use of computers or technology in general. But of course, Children must start learning no when they're too little... Starting as 8 I say would be very good. If people start learning in their adult ages, according to research, Something is learned a lot easier at a young age. So for these reasons, I think learning coding will help us now and in the future.

  • Absolutely, it's important

    Coding has become a highly sought after skill. If children want to compete in today's world, learning coding at an early age is a very good start. Many of our future jobs are going to be technology related and this would help the kids remain competitive. I think it's an incredibly good idea.

  • Yes, children should learn computer coding at a young age.

    Yes, children should learn computer coding at a young age. I believe that all children should be exposed to technical concepts at a young age - or at least have the opportunity to be so exposed - for two reasons. First, education in information technology is critical for kids to succeed in today's electronic world. Second, coding or programming teaches more than just IT - kids also learn logic, math, and how to solve problems using sequential, linear reasoning.

  • Don't Be Left Behind

    The world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, including computers. Computer coding is basically the language of computers. Learning a new skill teaches one how to think. Research indicates that most often, the earlier a skill is introduced and taught, the better. From experience, coding is not particularly easy to learn as an adult. If children are introduced to computer coding at a young age, perhaps they will not have such difficulty learning it as an adult.

  • Too early for young children.

    Children can learn basic computer programs like windows, excel but learning coding will be too much for them at an early age. It will be tough for them, not only that children will get too attached to technology which may have negative impact like children may also start hacking which will be a disaster.

  • Children under 6 should not be getting in touch with technological gadgets like computer

    Many researches have already been done and they have all revealed that children's physical strength on fingers or vision development are in rapid growth during the children's early childhood. If children are exposed to computer that early, there will be negative impacts on their development. Needless to say, learning computer coding would be too much for children under 6 to grasp or physically handle. Thus, I disagree that children should learn computer coding at a young age like under 6.

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