• Children Shoulde definitely learn about Shopping and Budgeting

    Children are like sponges and willing to absorb any information that is provided to them. They are quick learners and can retain a great deal of information. A part of teaching a child to be responsible entails teaching them the tools that they would need to be better savers in life. This would include teaching them how to shop wisely and budget their money at the same time. Children already get allowances for chores that they do around the home and teaching them how to value and make the best of that money should also be a part of this practice.

  • Children should be taught to shop and budget money.

    Children need to learn how to shop and budget money. This is a valuable lesson that they can learn at an early age and a lesson that they will carry with them throughout their lives. It is the parent's responsibility to teach their children to be productive members of society. This includes learning how to manage their finances and rely on themselves for their needs.

  • Yes, kids should learn how to shop and budget money.

    I think it would be beneficial if kids learned how to shop and budget money at an early age. A lot of kids these days do not appreciate or value money. They think that it is something will always be available from their parents. I think kids learning how to be frugal is beneficial.

  • Yes children should learn to shop and budget their money.

    Yes children should learn the value of money at an early age. They should learn how to shop for the best values and control what cash the get, allowances and cash gifts. They also need understand the need to save for a "rainy day," as well as saving for retirement needs.

  • Yes very early

    Kids should learn at a very early age how to shop and budget money, including saving and donating their money as well. We do need to teach our kids a greater amount of financial literacy so that they will not get into debt and will be able to stay on top.

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