• They raised you.

    They are your parents they raised you so be nice and listen. They brought you into this world and they can take you out. Well, Not really but its a saying just be nice and listen to your parents kids. Its a wise decision! I promise you that! They love you!

  • Kids could use drugs and smoke

    Using drugs could kill there brans could Sui side and die from the drugs like mariwania,weed and ice but a lot more they could smoke and die or get them selfs put in jail for a long time by killing someone. There's kids at the age 11 and smoke and having drugs

  • YES everyone should

    Parents imagine this your child lazing around in their small studio apartment playing video games at the age of 30 they will be unemployed and if you don’t give them chores so that they can be responsible and grow out of video games. If children learn to do chores at a young age they will be responsible when they grow up and they will know how to cook clean and do things in life.

  • Children do not always understand what is best

    Yes, children should listen to their parents. The parent should only have the best in heart for the their children and should attempt to pass on knowledge to their children. Granted some things go in one ear and fall out the other with children, but if they listen many heartaches and pains would be avoided.

  • Children Should Listen to Their Parents

    Yes, children should listen to their parents as children do not have the life experience and knowledge that their parents do. A child is in its formative years, and a parent's job is to guide that child. Good parents do so, and this is why a child should listen to its parents.

  • Most parents do not understand the child's needs.

    Some parents who are very old do not use technology and are not as modern as their children. Their beliefs and behavior are also very ancient and old-fashioned hence many adolescents prefer communicating with their friends/ someone their age or generation who could understand them better. I feel that not all adults are good and children should follow their own mindset and beliefs so that they would not be to gullible and will not be easily influenced by their peers or parents.

  • No, not always.

    Not all parents are good parents. There are many ignorant parents, even abusive ones. It does not always have to be physical abuse. Verbal abuse can lead to the child becoming depressed and believing what the parent is saying. The parent could make the child feel so dreadful they want to end their own life. There is no way a child should listen to a parent like that. Children may have more experience than their parents in some cases.

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