• Kids are supposed to have fun

    Before falling into the inevitable trap of becoming aqdults, children should have as much fun as possible. I've been gaming for 16 years now and I'm not even close to the mentally unstable individuals some of whom are mentioned by the opposition. What's more, I fell in love with IT and all sorts of technology while I was gaming. I met new people that way. People that I'm best friends with. And guess what, I spend, on average, 8 hours in front of a monitor every day and I'm not in need of glasses. People who confuse the real world with video game worlds should be treated as the mentally unstable individuals they are and must be provided help.

  • No no no

    I do think video games can be good for kids, but playing all day is bad. Too much of anything is bad. Kids need time for schoolwork, exercise, and social lives. To many video games will melt a kids brain and blur his/her understanding of what it real and what is fake.

  • They should not.

    Children cant play video games all day as they need to rest after like half an hour. If the child does not rest,this will cause fatigue and will damage their health.Furthermore,those video games may contain violence which will influence the child.This may cause the child to learn from the games and act violently in school or in the house.

  • Everything must have a limit!

    Video games are OK for a while but not for the whole day. Enjoyment can get by playing about an hour or two. But playing the whole day makes kids mind a mess. They could not understand quickly when this happens and most kids have nightmares because there minds are overloaded.

  • Games have the potential, but it actually depends on the situation.

    Ok, here are the few answers that can be suggested in this post, but I want to ask is it reasonable for a child to play video games all day long without any major schedule?

    -No: If a child is in the middle of the school semester (first and second), with the homework and assessment on the future, then it's reasonable to fulfill it's responsibility about the following assignment before you can allow the child to play the game (as a "entertainment" over work)

    - NO: If there is any family or friend meeting during any time period, then it's reasonable to keep bond of human relationship between each other unless there are any extreme situation.

    - YES: If the child doesn't have any other major schedule (say it's summer vacation) and it's good to be peaceful, then the child have the freedom to play video games all along (notice how I say only if there is no major schedule that are valued as important which means that child is also free to take a break or stretch or any other action that is categorized as "minor schedule"_

    - If the child have the potential to be a professional gamer, or a programmer, enough that his/her parent encourages its child toward it, then the child have the freedom to play video games all day. People should consider their dream as first objective of their live, right?

    As a conclusion, it just depends on the situation, and it's likely for me to say that their is no solid answer for this question.

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BChart2 says2014-06-07T11:39:34.993
Straw man argument!