• Yes, children should play video games.

    Playing video games is one of many ways to learn many knowlage like history language and science and games can improve children mind like solving the problems and planing. Moreover, games can make children relax from their work and their free time will be useful. Thus, some games is good for children. Even playing video games is good for children but parent should teach and take care of their children from games addiction.

    Posted by: W2E
  • Games can be stimulating.

    Not sure about others but I've been a gamer since a young age and I've come across gaming as a form of stimulation that can help me improve on intellectual activities.

    I learn how to speak and write English through playing games, Not kid games mind you, But strategy games, RPG, And FPS games. I take up on how characters interact and use it to improve my English skill. Fast forward till now, I still got much to learn but for sure gaming has helped me one step closer to achieve my dream.

    It's also a nice stress outlet.

  • Any game can.

    You see any game you play you learn from or better reflexes and strategy games and puzzles or historical event games with war. I learned about the war from call of duty games and I wouldn't have learned in school and developed better hand coordination. I developed these by playing.

  • Duh, it is obvious

    1. Video games teach problem solving. Video games get kids to think. There are dozens of video games that are specifically geared towards learning, but even the most basic shooter game teaches kids to think logically and quickly process large amounts of data. Rather than passively absorbing content from, say, a TV show, a video game requires the player’s constant input to tell the story.

    2. Video games are social. The stereotype of the pasty-faced adolescent sitting in his mom’s basement playing video games on his own is as outdated as Space Invaders. Many games have thriving online and offline fan-bases, and a community component that strongly encourages social interaction.

    3. Video games provide positive reinforcement. Most video games are designed to allow players to succeed and be rewarded for that success. Different skill levels and a risk-and-reward gaming culture mean that kids are not afraid to fail and will take a few chances in order to achieve their ultimate goal.

    4. Video games teach strategic thinking. Video games teach kids to think objectively about both the games themselves and their own performance. While there are many games that place a premium on strategy, most set an overall goal and give the gamer numerous ways in which he or she can achieve that goal. Players also get instant feedback on their decisions and quickly learn their own strengths and weaknesses.

    5. Video games build teamwork. The vast majority of video games are now designed with cooperative play options. Whether it’s fighting off alien invaders, solving puzzles, or being on the same bobsleigh team, video games offer kids a wealth of opportunities to constructively work together.

    6. Video games improve hand-eye coordination. Video games have been found to improve the balance and coordination of numerous patients from stroke victims to those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. There have even been studies that suggest that surgeons who regularly play video games make less mistakes in the operating theater than non-gamers. Even if your child is super-healthy and has no desire to be a surgeon or watch-maker, good hand-eye coordination is an invaluable skill to have.

    7. Video games bring families together. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. Ask your kids to teach you a few moves and you might find that Family Fun Night is every bit as enjoyable as those games of Clue and Monopoly used to be when you were a kid!

  • Video games can help the brain.

    Some video games can help stimulate the brain in a good way. Not all games are bad. For instance, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader helps you with useful facts. It all depends on the system too. For instance, if you play on the computer, it is not as bad because there are games that help with math and science skills.

  • Don't Get Addicted Though

    Video games are a fun way to learn many helpful skills. Better Hand-Eye Co-ordination, teamwork(in Co-op games), faster reflexes are several of the benefits.
    Of course, depending on the type of game, different things are learnt. Some games (eg. Runescape) have a medieval setting, where some general knowledge can be learnt.
    One thing that worries me about games is how quickly some children can be addicted. I've spoken to a World of Warcraft player who told me they wish they can quit but they are addicted to the game. As long as the child can manage their time, gaming is a good thing.

    I, for one, am glad to be a gamer. I've learnt much more from games than lessons at school can ever teach me but I do value my school time as well.

  • Of course, but to some extent.

    Videos games are a way for a child to learn. Stopping kids from playing would just hinder this way of learning. Video games both help improve hand eye coordination and help improve the reflex of kids. Kids should be limited to a certain amount of playing so they could get off the computer or video game and do something more social.

  • Yes, children should play

    Of course children should play video games, but the type of video games should be censored. There are a lot of fun, appropriate games for children. I believe video games help children to relax and enjoy life a bit. School is hard for kids, they deserve to have a break once in awhile.

  • Yes, Children Should Play Video Games

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with children playing video games. It is up to the parents to decide when and how much video game playing is appropriate for their children. Also, game designers should take more responsibility for the future of our children by designing games with an "undercover" educational aspect. Most importantly, parents should make sure their children are not playing violent games that devalue the lives of other human beings.

  • Especially Age-Appropriate Games

    We hear stories all the time about people playing video games for 3 days in a row with little sleep or people dying from blood clots because they sat in a chair too long while shooting up aliens in a popular game. However, with age-appropriate games and a little restraint, video games are vital to developing fine motor skills in addition to hand-eye coordination. There are plenty of educational games on the market as well.

  • They can play sometimes

    But not All the time because it can cause head aches and back pain or even neck pain and this is a kid talking right now I know right amazing How about like 30 minutes on the internet not like the whole day though thank you for reading my paragraph

  • No I totaly disagree this statement

    I realy disagree that childrens should play video games on the mobiles children lose there energy which is requed to study in video games. Thry play video game an waste there time & mobile battery. Children are busy in phones now a days. They forget there homework an play video games instead of outdoor games

  • I don't think kids should play video games

    I know this because some video games can be violent and not good for kids brain bad video games might teach kids to not do good in the world like hurt somebody or vandalize something. There for I do not think video games should be played be young or old kids.

  • Video games should be banned

    . I support physical games because i think that playing physical games helps us to stay fit, Active, In perfect shape, Build muscle, Increases teamwork, Flexibility, Increases life span, And many more. But video games should not be considered as games because they are more than a mental disorder. Video games can make you mentally and physically dead. Ok i accept video games are fun and can help to relieve stress but they discourage us mentally and physically as there is no physical contact which can lead to depression, Loneliness, Stress and many more. Playing video games can lead to head ache, Increase of power of eyes due to radition coming from electronic gadgets and many more similar problems too. But physical games challenge us both physically and mentally.
    So, I would like to conclude that sports is much better than video games in many ways. Sport is better for your health and is not addictive and can provide social interactions.

  • There eyes will spoil by playing a lot of video games

    If they started to play it’s hard to stop for them. Some kids are very eticti with vidio games. Some kids they waste money for vidio games they collect there pocket money and they waste like 500 and 600 rm. Then they top up in phone to play more video games

  • No, I don't think so.

    First, If students spend too much time playing video games, They can give up their study. Therefore, Their education gets worse. Secondly, Students can steal money from their parents or even their friend to continue playing some games which cost a lot of money. Finally, Playing video games for a long time makes them addicted. They don't communicate with everyone and turn into an uncomfortable and bad-tempered person.

  • Video games are ruining my brother

    My brother screams and cries to play the ipad or xbox everyday
    and he is only 5 years old. He could go outside and play and get exercise insted of sitting the couch making his brain melt melt also when he is his younger brother who is 2 askes to play with him and my brother just pushes him away STOP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES also some video games and youtube videos have swear words and my brother starts calling the b and a word.

  • Video games kill

    Kids are getting brainwashed by video games. They think it is okay to put other people in pain for their own pleasure. Fortnite is making kids more violent. We are trying to end school shootings. But with all of these violent games, We could just be increasing our risk. Stop!

  • No to video games

    First of all video games are a waste of time and money. The creators hoax children into buying different characters and tools to help them play better. This also makes the kids think that they play very well so the kids lie to themselves. This is one reason I am against it.

  • I think there is no games

    I think there should be no games because it takes kids out of there mind and they don;t want to do there work and they only think of games. And i think the kids should get about 2 hours of game time then they half to go do homework and thats it

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Fong says2017-01-07T14:45:01.030
Children can learn many kinds of skill from video games. They will get more creativity and problem-solving skill to use in their life. Moreover, video games will reduce stress. That will show us children should play video games.
wongsatorn says2017-01-23T07:17:18.480
I accept that games should apply for the child. In the age of technology, many children were pressed by Thailand's education. If children collect much pressure, they would commit suicide. In the other ways, games and sports are relieved it. When children are are playing the games, they are eased. Finally, a game is good for children.

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