• Children must and should play video games

    They must play video game because it is use full in some times like in some times thefi come to rob at that time it is help full it is helpfull and they have to play and must play play play play play play video games thats it because i am also child

  • Video games remove stress

    Video games help remove stress like when you win. In case you lose if you try again you might win. Video games can cool you down with a lot of things like work and troubles. Video games are fun for kids and adults. If this won't turn you what will.

  • Yessir hello fat kids

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  • Yes its fine

    As long as you know what your doing and how long your doing it, Well its okay. Video games can teach aiming, Accuracy, Quick reaction time, Creative things you can't do in real life. So its not that bad to let your child play video games. As long as they can handle the rage and know when to stop, Games then its okay.

  • Children should play video games (Gavin Roy) Middleton

    Yes because you know how they have fighting games it is teaching self defense and they at least they are telling the truth about Gore and Violence i mean it's not the prettiest thing i've ever seen but it will help in Scary situations and kids may get mad over them but to solve that all they have to do is act themselves up you always get another life in video games but not in real life.

  • Video games are good.

    Video games help players make new friends, Hand-eye coordination and if people end up doing bad stuff in their life it is not because of video games it's because of their own choices in life. Video games help people blow off steam not make more. In conclusion that's why video games are good.

  • Kids need to play video games to help them get more friends

    Most video games are fun and need strategy and problem solving to do. They also help hand eye coordination and help with there anger by using the anger on video games instead of people of objects. In my defense video games should be allowed farther. So please keep video games around more.

  • Yes they should

    I do think that kids shoukd play video games because they could eithier be academic or not academic either way its still fun and They should also play games with no violence becaseu if they do they are not academic and traumautize the kid's life and I can waste a word.

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  • With limitations, There is no harm

    If you limit kids to a specific amount of time, And ENFORCE this, Then the child can't be harmed. Decide what games they can play, And make sure that YOU don't play either. Kids follow your lead. If they see you on screens all the time, Then when you limit theirs, They will be mad. Limit screen time for the whole family, And gaming can become a fun getaway

  • Video games are VIOLENT.

    If you grow up playing video games, then you could end up like that teenager who shot a whole bunch of police officers in court. DOES anyone want to be like that? Tell me now or my life's beliefs will be ruined and I will go into shock and DIE! Or someone who plays violent video games could shoot me with a police officer's gun. See? Your child could KILL if you let them play video games.

  • Video Games Are Bad

    I say no because video games can effect a child's education which could mean bad grades in school. Also they'll be missing out on activities outside that is fundamental to their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development. So to me video games are bad for children but others argue that it helps children or it's good for them.

  • No to gamers

    Video games can withdraw kids from loved ones and can make them be overly emotional or rage easily.Plus they don't know when to stop and become addictive. They may also skip meals to play or not eat much. I know this because my brother does it.If you have to, limit their time.

  • No video games

    When kids play video games the suffer from brain damage. Also they will get addicted. Kids who play violent games are getting the wrong message. If any video games are played the need to be educative. Video games can lower grades. If that happens your child will flunk school. So no video games.

  • Numerous deaths because video games.

    28 year old man collapsed and died because of playing World of Warcraft and StarCraft 50 hours straight. A teenager in Ohio shot his parents for taking away his Halo 3 video game. A Korean couple spent hours playing video games, neglecting their 3 year old baby, who died of malnutrition and dehydration. 16 year old in South Philadelphia killed his mother for confiscating his PSP.

  • It's a drug, an escape, and should be regulated

    I see video gaming as a drug like alcohol, cigarettes, pot, or a tougher drug. It's an escape. A little bit is ok but you can certainly binge on it and become an addict. If we tell kids they cannot drink or do drugs, I also don't think they have the mental maturity to not binge on games. They will become addicted fast. I don't think kids should be allowed to play video games until they are 18 years old, similar to how you can't buy cigarettes until you're 18 or alcohol until you're 21.

  • No Way Jose!!

    Video games can be violent, inappropriate, and uneducational for children. Video games distract children from school, education, academics, and their hw. It also hurts their eyes and it make them lazier and lazier the more they play it. This is why parents shouldn't let their children play video games. Ya!

  • Wait until you are ready.

    Children play games too old for them because others do. They want to break a rule or keep up with their friends. At what price to themselves? Ages are given to things for a reason not just to upset children. Please, please wait and choose to play games for your age.

  • No, I don't think so.

    First, If students spend too much time playing video games, They can give up their study. Therefore, Their education gets worse. Secondly, Students can steal money from their parents or even their friend to continue playing some games which cost a lot of money. Finally, Playing video games for a long time makes them addicted. They don't communicate with everyone and turn into an uncomfortable and bad-tempered person.

  • I don't think kids should play video games

    I know this because some video games can be violent and not good for kids brain bad video games might teach kids to not do good in the world like hurt somebody or vandalize something. There for I do not think video games should be played be young or old kids.

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Fong says2017-01-07T14:45:01.030
Children can learn many kinds of skill from video games. They will get more creativity and problem-solving skill to use in their life. Moreover, video games will reduce stress. That will show us children should play video games.
wongsatorn says2017-01-23T07:17:18.480
I accept that games should apply for the child. In the age of technology, many children were pressed by Thailand's education. If children collect much pressure, they would commit suicide. In the other ways, games and sports are relieved it. When children are are playing the games, they are eased. Finally, a game is good for children.

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