• Yes, Children should play game.

    Player learn something from video games so game get many skills to kid. They can learn the sacrifice, train to solve some problems and plan to do something in the game. That skills are hard to learn in real but it is easy to learn in games. Games can create social and conversation with other player. It can help to learn the language and fine new friend.

  • Yes, Why not ?

    The game gives benefit More than you think. First, it can make them happy and Can reduce stress. Childhood is the age that wants happiness. And games, it is easiest to find it. They can do anything that they want in a game. Second, they can learn and practice much skill from a game such as a problem solve. In a game, it has many problems and it like practice for real life. That why we should let children play the game

  • Games help children about troubleshoot

    Most of the video games have to use many skills, like planning, decision-making, understanding, connectivity, tactics. Children can learn these skills to use in their daily life through the video games. The skills that they learned help they learn about to troubleshoot. Children learn step by step how to solving the problem by the game mechanics.

  • Yes, of course

    They can make you a better memory, more nimble and responsive, can solve the problem better, better relationship and stimulating creativity. You can learn the sacrifice from the game and use in real life.More importantly, you can play the game to make money.It can be a career.It has both advantages and disadvantages. Depends on people playing a game.

    Posted by: whon
  • Yes, of course

    Playing video games is a option to learn and practice many helpful skills depending on the type of video game such as language, communication skill from online games, Economy prediction from MMOs(massive multiplayer online). Video games let children relax from their works but they also need advise from their parents for the best learning performance.

  • Children should play video games

    Now, this is the age of technology. So, they should play the video games because video games can teach them. Children can learn vocabularies, make a plan etc. Besides, there are good ways to learn outside the classroom. They can practice many skills. And, I think all of the skills from video games can use in real life.

  • Children should play video games.

    They can practice and learn many skills. If they play English online games, they can learn vocabularies and talk to other people around the world that they can practice communicating skill. If they play shooting games or investigating games, they can practice observing skill. I think all of skills from games can use in real life.

  • Student should play video game

    Student needs to have video games because they need to relax from school work. If student have more freedom they will pay more attention to school. Kids needs video game and they can also play games that can help your kids learn more. Video game is good for kids too.

  • Games are good.

    How many people would want their teacher to hand them a big heavy textbook and be like, read chapters 5-6. Games provide a way to keep the student interested. Besides, lugging a textbook from the school to home and back is hard, especially if you already have a heavy back pack

  • Should kids play video games

    Yes because some video games have some educational video games like sum dog and splash math they help you with math and epic helps you with reading and swift playground is just for fun and scratch jr helps you with coding so that is why people should have video games

  • Video games are VIOLENT.

    If you grow up playing video games, then you could end up like that teenager who shot a whole bunch of police officers in court. DOES anyone want to be like that? Tell me now or my life's beliefs will be ruined and I will go into shock and DIE! Or someone who plays violent video games could shoot me with a police officer's gun. See? Your child could KILL if you let them play video games.

  • Video Games Are Bad

    I say no because video games can effect a child's education which could mean bad grades in school. Also they'll be missing out on activities outside that is fundamental to their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development. So to me video games are bad for children but others argue that it helps children or it's good for them.

  • No to gamers

    Video games can withdraw kids from loved ones and can make them be overly emotional or rage easily.Plus they don't know when to stop and become addictive. They may also skip meals to play or not eat much. I know this because my brother does it.If you have to, limit their time.

  • No video games

    When kids play video games the suffer from brain damage. Also they will get addicted. Kids who play violent games are getting the wrong message. If any video games are played the need to be educative. Video games can lower grades. If that happens your child will flunk school. So no video games.

  • Numerous deaths because video games.

    28 year old man collapsed and died because of playing World of Warcraft and StarCraft 50 hours straight. A teenager in Ohio shot his parents for taking away his Halo 3 video game. A Korean couple spent hours playing video games, neglecting their 3 year old baby, who died of malnutrition and dehydration. 16 year old in South Philadelphia killed his mother for confiscating his PSP.

  • It's a drug, an escape, and should be regulated

    I see video gaming as a drug like alcohol, cigarettes, pot, or a tougher drug. It's an escape. A little bit is ok but you can certainly binge on it and become an addict. If we tell kids they cannot drink or do drugs, I also don't think they have the mental maturity to not binge on games. They will become addicted fast. I don't think kids should be allowed to play video games until they are 18 years old, similar to how you can't buy cigarettes until you're 18 or alcohol until you're 21.

  • No Way Jose!!

    Video games can be violent, inappropriate, and uneducational for children. Video games distract children from school, education, academics, and their hw. It also hurts their eyes and it make them lazier and lazier the more they play it. This is why parents shouldn't let their children play video games. Ya!

  • Wait until you are ready.

    Children play games too old for them because others do. They want to break a rule or keep up with their friends. At what price to themselves? Ages are given to things for a reason not just to upset children. Please, please wait and choose to play games for your age.

  • No, I don't think so.

    First, If students spend too much time playing video games, They can give up their study. Therefore, Their education gets worse. Secondly, Students can steal money from their parents or even their friend to continue playing some games which cost a lot of money. Finally, Playing video games for a long time makes them addicted. They don't communicate with everyone and turn into an uncomfortable and bad-tempered person.

  • I don't think kids should play video games

    I know this because some video games can be violent and not good for kids brain bad video games might teach kids to not do good in the world like hurt somebody or vandalize something. There for I do not think video games should be played be young or old kids.

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Fong says2017-01-07T14:45:01.030
Children can learn many kinds of skill from video games. They will get more creativity and problem-solving skill to use in their life. Moreover, video games will reduce stress. That will show us children should play video games.
wongsatorn says2017-01-23T07:17:18.480
I accept that games should apply for the child. In the age of technology, many children were pressed by Thailand's education. If children collect much pressure, they would commit suicide. In the other ways, games and sports are relieved it. When children are are playing the games, they are eased. Finally, a game is good for children.

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