• Children should provide for their aged parents.

    Children should provide for their aged parents. This is normal in cultures that are less
    materialistic than America. Other
    cultures respect their elders to the utmost and have no problem with their aged
    parents living with them. I think this
    is far more humane than letting your aged parents die in a nursing home.

  • That is what family is for.

    Family is there to take care of each other. Parents take care of and raise their children, often putting their children before themselves. As parents get older, especially if they need financial or medical assistance, their children are obligated to do everything they can to help them. Whether that means paying extra expenses or bringing them into your own home, you must do everything to give back to them.

  • Taking care of your parents is not an obligation.

    Adult children should not be obligated to provide or take care of their parents. Adult children were brought into this world by a choice the parents made. We did not ask to be born. A parent's job is to raise their children in the best way they can. Once their job is done does not mean the child now needs to pay anything back. Parents need to plan ahead for their retirement and possible disabilities. They should not ask their children to give up their lives for them. If the adult child makes a decision to take on the task then good for them, but it is by no means an obligation.

  • Children shouldn't be obligated to take care of their parents

    What if the parents were abusive or absent in their lives. Should a alcoholic father who beats his children really get cared for by them in his old age; Or a sexually abusive mother? Is the adult child able to afford the time or money needed?Parents make the choice to have children ,it is then their responsibility to feed,clothe and house them by law or they can surrender them to the state (Child Protective Services).

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