Should children provide room and board for their aging parents?

  • Time for you

    Parents-the integral part of one's life.They are the ones who spend their entire life to nurture us inspite of all the hurdles on their way.Now its time for us to be kind and care for them.Whats more important is to provide time for them which the current generation finds it hard to provide.Their only aim is to make money.If they spend their money for fulfilling their needs,it shall be highly appreciated.

  • Return the favor.

    I plan on doing that when I'm older as a way of simply returning the favor. You are young and healthy while your parents are crippling and I think its disrespectful when people throw their parents into an elderly home when they have all the sources to take care of them at their disposal.

  • Yes, if the parents were nice to them.

    Yes, children should provide room and board for their aging parents, if they were decent parents. If the parents were kind to their children and did not abuse them, it is appropriate for the child to return the favor. It is important that the parent is responsible with their money, if they expect assistance now.

  • They are worth it because they were the ones who brought us to this world.

    They were the ones who took care of us since birth. They gave their all for us to live life with love and care. They are our parents and they deserve to be loved the same way they showed their love to us. God provided us all the things we need but this ain't counted with our parents because they are our light and path.

  • Yes they should

    They take care of you for your entire life so they should be taken care of by you. Also they gave up their dreams careers and education for you. Finally they provide you with food clothes and a roof over your head. In conclusion you should take care of your parents

  • Yes, Parents are above everything else in this material world.

    They brought us up in this world. The gave us good level of education.
    They sacrificed their own dream sake of our education and other happiness. They transformed their own dreams and always thought about our dreams. They are only one in this world who always think about our success.

  • If they take care of you, you should do it!

    Start thinking about each of the things that your parents have given to you like food, cloth, love, care, since the day that you born you have the blessing of having a home and someone who cares about you, it feels good doesn’t it…now I wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t had all that love, no one would take care of you when you were an innocent baby, being someone who can’t fend for itself, probably you wouldn’t survive and if you do you probably be the saddest man on the earth, you will feel lonely and depressed… That's why we think that as their children we should give it a home, love, care and attention to our parents when they be oldies as at the time they gave everything they could to make us happy.

    The main reason why I chose this topic is because I believe that the most important thing that you have in your life are your parents and nowadays we can see that the nursing homes are full of poor old people who don’t have any family who can take care of them and they live all alone and sad, and if you get to think about everything your parents have given, I think that you should give then at least a quarter of it.

  • You are now responsible for your own family

    With having a family of your own, you get a bunch of responsibilities, this thing of who takes care of who it's a cycle, you cannot possibly take care of you aging parents and your children at the same time, you only get a certain amount of money, you house is an specific size, all of the time and effort that your parents put into you was basically because you were their only responsibility, and so on.

  • No, children have other responsibilities.

    First, children in high school or middle school have to too many academic responsibilities to take care of their "aging" parents. If the parents want their kids to get into a good college, they would want their kids to academically responsible. Making them provide room and board could cause an over amount of stress and responsibilities for the student, making them actually lack in school. Second, in this day and age, parents are fairly young. Children shouldn't need to take care of their parents because their actual age doesn't make them need more medical attention than someone in their seventies. The average age for parents is 43 and shouldn't be considered "aging". This eliminates the idea of giving them room and board, unless they had a completely serious medical problem. High school students should not have to provide a bedroom for their 43 year-old parents. Lastly, most children are not at the financial state required to provide for adults.

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