Should children’s consent be required for parents to divorce?

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  • Against one's wills

    First, getting divorced is basically a human right. It is absolutely unreasonable to prohibit someone from divorcing.
    Second, if the couple realize that they cant stay compatible any longer, it is better for them to part rather than forcing living one hell of an unwilling life.
    Most importantly, I think though it could get really dramatic and hurtful at first, it is more healthy for children to grow up in an environment without affected marriages.

  • They should have opinions that are considered.

    A parent may find divorce for the best, but that is quite simply breaking life-long vows they made. And maybe some of you do not realize how much impact divorce has on a child's life. It can destory a child's life. I have seen this in action more than once, and both times it was not the child's fault their life fell to shambles. It was entirely the action of the parents. Not the paren'ts faults, but the actions they chose to take ruined the childs' lives, and lead them into lives of fear, abuse, abandonment, and depression. The child should not get the right to stop or continue the divorce, but their opinion should be considered seriously before actions are taken, because their lives are every bit as affected by divorce as the parents.

  • Of course not.

    This is just ridiculous. A child has no clue about adult relationships. Stating that a seven year old should be able to dictate whether her parents can divorce is nonsensical- of course the kid won't want her parents to split up. But the parents may be miserable (or worse, one might be abusive), which would make the kid miserable in the long run.

    Our society is already catering too much to our children, making them feel entitled and acting like parents shouldn't have lives. This would be going way too far.

  • It should not.

    When parents get a divorce, most of the time it's when the child is younger, and how much do children really understand when they're young? Not much, so how can you expect them to make an important decision like that? That is for the adults to decide that the children.

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