Should children start learning a foreign language as soon as possible?

  • People can learn more about countries.

    If they go somewhere and if they don’t know how to speak there language but if they do learn to speak different languages then they know what to say to people that dose not speak the same way they speak that’s why I think kids need to learn other languages.

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  • Children should learn a foreign language from a young age for three reasons.

    First of all, school children from a young age can learn a second language faster than the older counterparts. In fact, children do not feel shy when they make mistakes, so they can learn from mistakes very rapidly. Besides, that children are always relaxed helps them acquire knowledge quickly. Second, learning languages from a young age enables children’s brains to develop. In reality, learning languages is not only related to enhancing the knowledge of vocabulary and linguistic skills but also involved in advancing the understanding about cultures and the world, all of which stimulates the growth of connections between neurons. Last but not least, children will improve their academic performance in the future if they learn a second language from a young age.

  • I think children should learn foreign language as soon as possible because it help them in future in their carrier and gain more knowledge.

    Firstly,Foreign language helps them to acquire knowledge about other people and other culture. For example, I am Bangladeshi. Bang-la is my mother tongue. I started to learn English besides bang la at my elementary school. I became to know about culture and traditions of English speaking people of America and Britain. It also help me learn more knowledge in my own country. Because all the studies in university level are in English. It would hard for me If i do not started to learn English at my elementary school.
    Also, Foreign language helps student to get better job. For example I do a job in multinational company I need to communicate a lot of foreigner.Most of them speak in English . So, it would be hard for me if i do not learn English.
    Finally, memory level of children are more capable to learn Foreign language quickly. So, I think It will be good for them to use this capabilities for their better future.

  • Start when they are babies

    Study a foreign language yourself and occasionally speak in it. Then your child will naturally grow up to be bilingual. If you can take your child on vacation to a country where they speak the language. I was in Europe and on the train in Switzerland a mother who I believe was German-speaking was teaching her kids words in French as I was going into the French part of Switzerland. I thought about how lucky those kids are to be getting such a good start at life.

  • Yes They Should Learn At A Young Age Because Its Easier.....

    I believe children should learn new languages at at young age because their minds will be able to stret ch and think harder as they grow older. This will be ggod for them in the long run beacause thier vocab would be extened and more. The languages are going to be more easily learned at a young age . Plus, childrens communication skills will multiple.

  • Yes, children should learn a second language at a young age.

    Children are able to learn complex things because they are to young to realize that it is hard. This gives them the ability to learn a second language with little difficulty. The second language can help broaden their horizons once they become an adult. This only helps the child in life.

  • Yes, it's only logical

    A child's brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything around it. Children should definitely be taught a foreign language as soon as possible. Learning a new language also helps reinforce, if you will, the English language, or their native language. The more they learn about a new language, the more they learn about their own.

  • Early Start Equals a Head Start

    Learning multiple languages is a great advantage for anyone. A major issue with this country's education system is that we are not raising our children to compete on a global scale. Children in most other countries in the world speak multiple languages. This gives them a major advantage when it comes to competitiveness. Not only would it be advantageous to start early for stronger students but it is easier to learn another language when you start young. Children's brains are forming and building connections at a much quicker rate than adults. This allows for learning to be at an accelerated pace. Now, complex and abstract concepts will be difficult for children to pick up, but if you start out teaching foreign language at a young age, by the time they normally start learning one they will have a solid grasp.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Yes, most children should.

    Many children, especially those who show intelligence and aptitude for the English language, can pick up foreign languages quite easily at an early age. It is a great idea to try a foreign language with your younger child in order to find out whether he or she shows this aptitude, as many children seem to have an easier time learning new languages at a younger age than they would later in life. However, foreign language does seem to be one of those subjects for which people either have a knack, or not, so not all children will show a strong aptitude for learning other languages.

    Posted by: bri
  • They will neglect their own language.

    The reason why they shouldn't learn a new language is because they will talk in that language so much, for show, that they will forget a little bit of their own language, and talk like that for secrets and other stuff. That's why they shouldn't learn a new language, and just stick to their own language.

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