Should children start learning foreign languages as soon as they start school?

  • It is pointless.

    When you think of Spanish class, you think of the pointless studying and semesters of work and energy being used to learn something that you forget entirely. People who come to our country should learn to speak English, or leave, because learning another language while the majority of our youth stay right here at home is stupid, pointless, and generally a waste of time. I think that learning another language should be completely optional.

  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

    I believe that it is good for children to study a foreign language as early as possible. The main reasons for it are the importance of foreign language studying for child's future and the easiness of learning at early age. Studying of a foreign language in childhood makes it easy and comfortable.

    Posted by: 11ab
  • Its for your future

    Learning foreign language helps you communicate through other countries. Especially when you live here in the Philippines. In this country, There are people who are called 'OFW' or Overseas Filipino Workers. Now these workers go to different countries like Saudi Arabia, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Etc. Working with a foreigner maybe hard for that person because of lack of knowledge in their language.

    Another reason for learning foreign language is that this language, Let's say english, Is now used in education.

    Lastly, People these days are more attractive or fond of other countries' movie, Songs, Shows etc. Sometimes, We are curious about their language.

    Therefore, The main reason why students need to learn foreign language is for sake of communication.

  • The earlier the better

    The more languages you know helps more to learn other languages.I have proved it by myself.If you start learning languages almost when you start school,you control it almost as good as your native language.I already know 3 languages and i am going to learn one more.I think it is better for learning.

  • It's far easier

    To master a foreign language when it has been learnt from an early age. It helps expanding horizons and makes future language or other learning far more easier. But the methods of teaching should definitely be more creative and interactive, as that is the only way in which children could actually learn something and get motivated.

  • Opens more opportunity

    Studies have shown that teaching young kids a second or third language since they are small can help them learn those languages, along with practice. Our world is becoming more multicultural by day. And just being proficient in one language in this case English just don't cut it. Learning a second language can also open more opportunities for them.

  • Other countries do.

    Which means that we should as well. Not only does it open your eyes and teach you about the damn culture, but it's unfair that other countries should forever be required and obligated to kiss English-speaking countries' asses by learning English right when they start school. English-speaking tourists don't even both to learn the language when they go to a country, yet expect every tourist that comes to theirs to know English. It's hypocritical.

  • Waste of time considering how foreign languages are taught at present

    I am from UK and so I am writing from this perspective. Maybe the situation is different in other English speaking countries - but I wouldn't know about this.

    1. There is generally little reason for motivation to learn another language in school or out of school
    2. Without motivation, students do not learn material or won't remember it.
    3. Children at a young age will generally not have reasons to learn another language
    4. Given that motivation is needed to learn something, and young children won't have motivation to learn another language, children starting to learn other languages will be a waste of time and shouldn't happen.

    Expanding on point 1. . Foreign languages are generally poorly taught at school as it is with the students having hardly any clue why they're learning the language or why they should learn the language. I'm now an English teacher for foreigners and I remember taking French lessons at school. It was like learning maths but even more pointless (not that maths is pointless at all). We weren't encouraged to use the language or communicate with it and we weren't engaged with any French culture. So we were learning these weird words for no apparent reason. I studied French at school for over 2 years. Later, I studied German for 2 months. I now know more German than French.
    Furthermore to point 1. The British do not need to learn another language and many stay in UK and have no interest in countries abroad or learning their culture or language. Sadly this is the British way for a lot of people. With this attitude, no one will learn a foreign language.

    Point 2. No motivation = no learning or remembering. Drawing back on my experiences. I remember French lessons being doss lessons. A time when you can do homework from other subjects. I had no reason to learn and so I didn't pay any attention - hence I didn't learn.

    Point 3. Young children won't have motivation to learn a foreign language. Given the attitudes in Britain about learning foreign languages - kind of "why should I learn another language when English is an international language?", children will not pick on the good habits of their elders when it comes to language learning. They're already learning the strange sounds of their native English which they are motivated to learn because everyone uses it. French? Why the hell would I want to learn French? Wonders the child who only knows of England.

    4. Concludes -
    Because we generally see in England no reason to learn languages then there is so little motivation to learn languages. This doesn't represent everyone, I know, but a majority I think. Without motivation, then it's either just another doss lesson or head ache for a kid who's got more important things to learn.

  • Waste of time

    English is fast becoming the international language. Why do people who already speak English need to learn any other language?

    The school day is already full enough with more important subjects like English, maths, science, history, geography, civics, business,financial education, physical education, health, music, art, dance, drama, technology, religious education there is not time for languages other than English.

    Besides, even in 13 years of school you can not learn as much as you would from just visiting the country for three months.

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