Should children totally be stopped from touching the mobile?

  • They should be stopped

    Since i happen to still be in school, This boils down to a personal reason more than anything. If something embarrassing happens in school, Phones will be pulled out instantly to post the embarrassment for the world to see. Kids will be distracted by their phone, Not paying attention to what the teacher says and (well in my school) class maybe stopped until that kid puts their phone away

  • Let's stop with technology.

    Looking at a virtual interface is atrocious for the development of children. They need to interact with the real world to develop their senses and their proprioception. Can you smell your phone? Can you smell a flower though?

    Remind yourself that they are the first generation to experience this, So they are the crash test, The human Guinea pigs. Pretty grim, Right? Well, When we don't know, We protect. Let's prevent a few million children to be completely autistic with their lives and technology.

    One thing though. They won't be as much adapted to this technological world than the others. But We absolutely need inadapted people. Because if you are adapted to this insane, Sick, Frenetic, Capitalist, Voracious society, You are sick. It's not your fault, But you are. And you need to heal. The world we live in is not human anymore. We need to stop technology if we want to save the planet. Turn off your **** phone, Turn off social networks, And talk to each other again.

    Look at me. I'm writing in front of a screen. You think that's human? We could have an actual conversation about this debate. Choice is ours.

  • They shouldn't be stopped

    Preventing children from access to phones is cruel and unusual punishment. Phones are great for many reasons:
    - Access to web almost everywhere
    - Can be educational
    - Can be great at stopping boredom

    Many people say that children shouldn't be on internet because of many dangers, But I think that right thing to do is make children learn how to avoid such dangers.

  • Times aren't what they were.

    The time now is a time full of info and people living in this era have an urgenter desire for all kind of information. Some peole argue that in the past our children were better without phone, But we cannot deny all of it because it has some side effect. Compared with only focusing in the passive side of using phone, We also need to pay attention to the result that if our children live without phone. The times have a higher demand for our children in their skills and knowledge which are impossible to widely spread without the help of internet. The children also need to contact with the world and keep pace with their friends in time in order ont to be abandoned by the changable world, And the easyest way for them to do these is by using their cellphone.

  • Yes and no.

    First off, Society is developing. It's becoming more and more modern, And technology is becoming the base of the world. Children, I think, Should be allowed to touch mobiles and other tech devices. And we're talking about CHILDREN here. CHILDREN have PARENTS, Who should, Being good parents, Control a child's impulse on mobiles.

  • Electronics are a valuable asset in everyday life and children should be familiar with tools needed in the modern world

    There is a lot of data out there supporting my stance – for example, Electronics have been known to help students with their various assignments as well as serve as a general source of information and knowledge that children need for the future. It is entirely true that the Internet is also filled with a lot of garbage content and people, But with proper guidance, The Internet has and will continue to be used as a tool of learning.

    Another thing I'd like to state is that electronics such as phones are commonplace in our modern world and introducing them early on can make children more familiar with them, As well as prepare them for the future. The world we live in is constantly being changed by the onset of new technology as well as shaped by existing technology, So I don't see the point of restricting children from "the mobile".

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