Should children under 18 use the Plan B Morning After pill?

  • Yes but only with parental consent.

    I do think that it is okay for children under 18 to use the Plan B Morning After pill, but I think they should have their parent's consent. I don't think they should just be able to walk in and get the pill, unless they are emancipated. Then they should be allowed.

  • If they Want To

    I believe it should be fine for a person under 18 years of ago to use the Plan B Morning After pill. I believe this is a far better decision than waiting to see what happens, especially if the individual would prefer to not get pregnant. I do not believe in holding back such a medication.

  • It is abortion.

    No, children under 18 should not use the Plan B morning after pill, because the morning after pill is the same thing as an abortion. Plan B prevents an already formed zygote from implanting and beginning to grow. But at that point it already exists. Children under 18 are too young to make that decision, and they should live with the consequences of their actions.

  • No, a child is living by then.

    No, children under 18 should not sue the Plan B morning after pill, because Plan B works in a way that prevents a living child that has already been created from having a chance at life. A child need to inform their parents and seek their input before making a decision of that magnitude. Deciding without input could hurt the child emotionally.

  • No they should not.

    They should not even need to in the first place. We need to encourage teens not to get pregnant not give them more ways out for when they do. If they have no other options then maybe they will be less likely to actually commit the act in the first place.

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