• Kids should wear bike helmets

    If kids don't wear bike helmets they can get serious injuries.
    One kid got 32 staples in his head to keep his head from breaking open.
    Kids with tricycles should also wear helmets because 400 people died on tricycles due to not wearing a helmet. Everyone should always wear a helmet.

  • They Save Lives

    More then 400,000 kids are hurt and 300 more die but wearing a helmet can reduce that by 85% yet only 15% wear one nationally. I wear a helmets and have never got a head injury So wear a bike helmet when you go biking it will save your head

  • Protection is importat

    Without the protection of helmets, people would die more often. Brain damage could become something that happens every day, without protection, the human race is done for. You don't go hunting without a gun or a knife, a lion would at you if you did, we need protection in case something happens.

  • We don't have to wear a helmet

    I hate wearing a helmet. They are a big problem. People do more dangerous helmet. Helmets also give the rider a false sense of security and riders are more likely to get in an accident. Riders may ride less cautiously than if they were wearing a helmet. I also think helmets are uncomfortable.

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