Should children under the age of 14 be banned from playing organized tackle football?

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  • Tackle football causes many injuries

    Tackle football has a record of injuries including 389,000 musculoskeletal injuries and 295 million concussions in players ages five to 14.
    87 percent of the kids that play tackle football get concussions acantu one of the university of boston’s researchers says. And with 3 million kids playing football, that’s a lot of concussions. -boston university

  • It is too DANGEROUS!

    Children under the age of 14 are more likely to get concussions in tackle football. When they are so young, their heads are 95% grown. While their bodies are less than 50% grown. This means that they are like giant bobble heads running at each other. When they are knocked back their body cannot support their head so this allows their head to snap back, rattling the brain inside. Also, in a child so young, their nerve cells lack the complete coating that offers protection. Tackle football for children under 14 is too dangerous. Therefore it should be banned

  • Kids Get Hurt

    My brother got a brain damaging concussion and was never the same. He lost some of his memories. I'm his sister and I had to remind HIM OF MY NAME!!! It is STUPID that they let kids under 14 play football! BAN FOOTBALL NOW! It is worth it I tell you!

  • Kids should be protected from unintelligent, irresponsible parents like some of the ones disagreeing that can't write a coherent sentence.

    Kids young kids have larger heads and smaller bodies, so if they fall it's much more likely their heads will snap backwards and hit the ground.
    I want to address the argument next to me with the heading "that would the the stupidest law." I will start with his first point: " If i kid wants to play tackle football, he can play tackle football, it toughens him up and prepares him fr even bigger hits!" I think this attitude supports my point that young kids should be protected by law from stubborn, unintelligent parents, like this one. He clearly hasn't done any research at all and just doesn't want anyone telling him what to do, like not allowing him to put his child's brain at risk because he is to stupid to read and understand the research on concussions. Getting hit at a younger age doesn't prepare your kid for bigger hits you idiot, it damages your kids body and brain. That stupid logic makes me feel so bad for your kid.
    His second point: " If you try to take away his right to play a popular sport, you might as well kill him!" Again, this parent is unable to comprehend what is proposed here. The restriction would allow children to play football, but the contact would be removed from the game. Like in hockey, you can't body check until a certain age.
    His last argument: " It would be terrible to make him not be able to play football..." This poorly worded sentence helps to show the ignorance some parents have relating to health issues with their kids. Kids can have their brains permanently damaged by contact sport at a young age. Kids brains are still developing and are very sensitive at a young age. Honestly, it doesn't matter what I say because the kind of people that oppose a logical rule like this can't be reasoned with using facts and logic.

  • We think it is to dangerous.

    We think it is to dangerous for kids under 14 to play tackle football because they can get very hurt. This can cause a concussion. An opportunity for minor football lovers is flag football. Flag football has less injuries. It is just to dangerous for minors to play tackle football.

  • Head injuries are too frequent and risk permanent damage to growing children.

    Facts bear this out and schools should not put children at risk. Look at the amazing number of injuries received in this game and particularly look at the impact on retired players and their state of physical and mental health. This sport should be reserved for adults old enough to make their own decisions.

  • One injury can ruin the rest of their lives.

    Children under the age of 14 are mostly reckless and competitive so when you have them play football even the pros get hurt. Yes the children may play on a less intense scale of the game, but they are still vulnerable to injury. At such a young age, they have a life ahead of them. What if a child is severely injured to the point the parent will be taking care of the child for the rest of their lives because they are incapable of taking care of themselves. No parent wants that. Imagine what the child would have to deal with, throughout their whole life, ruined because of that one game.

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  • We need to protect our kids for the damage to their brains. Here you go to y’all that need more eveidence for this topic

    A: causing damage to the player
    R1: "This research demonstrates that playing a season of contact sports may affect normal gray matter pruning in high school and youth football players, " said Gowtham Krishnan Murugesan, M. S. , Research assistant in the Department of Radiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.
    R2:"Repetitive head impact exposure may have a cumulative effect in the rapidly developing brains of youth and high school football players, " said study co-author Gowtham Krishnan Murugesan, A radiology research assistant at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Adding that the results mirror other recent findings.
    R3: A study outfitted 60 youth and high school football players who had no history of head trauma or developmental issues with a head impact telemetry system that measures the magnitude, Location and direction of impacts to the head

  • Screw youth football

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  • This is ridiculous

    We already have most of the equipment and research to make football safer plus there are more dangerous sports out there such as hockey and rugby even soccer. What we should be paying attention to is improving it instead of taking it away. All the kids know is that they are having fun and taking this away would be a punishment to them. How do we explain this to them? "Son last year you were of age to play but this year you aren't because of a new law"

  • If we ban football for minor it will go underground

    In tackle football, there are medics, referees, coaches, and safety gear to supervise playing of the children. In a study, 80% of kids(children 14 and under) would continue to play football if leagues were taken away. 8 out of 10 kids say that they like the sport because of tackling. This means that the kids will play unorganized. And yes, there are SO MANY concussions that happen in tackle football, we COMPLETELY agree with ALL of what they have said about the number of injuries and concussions. However, the prop fails to realize how many injuries, and how many concussions could be prevented with ORGANIZED tackle football. Think about it. Since 80% of the kids like the tackling part of football they will tackle even more when there r no medics and coaches because the coaches aren't there to stop them from continuing to tackle! The Boston university estimates that the number of football concussions will increase by 63%. Clearly, organized tackle football gives kids a chance who love playing tackle football, a safe way to play. So even if kids will still get injuries it would not be as bad with safety gear and medics helping them as they go.

  • We shouldnt ban football

    This is a good sport and its also not the only sport that allows concussions to happen.Soccer, rugby, hockey ect. These are all sports that have an equal amount of chance of getting concussions so if we ban football we have to ban plenty of other sports also.This is why i dont agree ith banning football for children under the age of 14

  • That would the the stupidest law

    If i kid wants to play tackle football, he can play tackle football, it toughens him up and prepares him fr even bigger hits! If you try to take away his right to play a popular sport, you might as well kill him! It would be terrible to make him not be able to play football...

  • It is completely dumb.

    Should we ban something because injuries COULD happen? The answer is NO. Gymnastics has a very high potential for injury, but it is perfectly legal. If we banned things because of a potential for injury, we wouldn't have beds, stairs, curbs, cars, planes, ships, or electricity. We should not ban football for minors. When they play, THEY ARE ACCEPTING THE RISK.

  • No way kids should be able to play

    It helps kids take the right path and it gets them stronger. Why shouldn't kids be able kids to play. They should have there own choice. Kids should play what they want to play. Kids may not be able to hit the kids back but it teaches them respect and loyalty. There wealth is there own worry

  • If you want to start doing things like this

    It's going to be a VERY slippery slope. I admire your intent: protect the kids, who don't have the information or the wherewithal to conceptualize the horrible ramifications of their choices. Doing so, however, takes a big step toward eating rights and freedoms for lunch and putting everyone on house arrest for their own protection. Kids aren't defenseless. They have parents to make informed decisions, and if we want kids to make their own awesome decisions, maybe we sit them down and teach them (and their parents) about all the dangers before we let them make a joint decision. Then accountability is established and what follows is perfectly OK.

  • Danger is everywhere

    There is danger in every sport. Such as baseball (Practically a rock flying at your face), soccer, lacrosse,or even cheer (Throwing girls into the air). So why should we stop kids from doing something they love? Its good exercise, gives them a chance to socialize, and allows them to get rid of anxiety.

  • Life's full of risks, Why should that stop them from playing a game they love.

    I understand why many people believe children shouldn't be playing football. It's a dangerous sport and can sometime get nasty but that doesn't mean you can take the sport away from the kids. If you don't want your kids to play we all understand where your coming from but think about how your affecting your children and how they feel. Children take risks everyday from leaving the house in the morning to jumping off the roof of a house, It in their nature. Therefore why would you take away a game that is as risky as an everyday action? If we try an teach the kid the risks of what they're doing at an early age they'd be able to make a decision of their own weather there willing to risk a major injury for a fun game. We should always support our kids and the new generation by teaching them what they need to know and trusting they make a good decision over their health and lives.

  • The players should be more cautious

    Instead of banning football why can't the football players just be more cautious to prevent from injuries. So kids won't be getting hurt as much like im not saying they won't get hurt im just saying they will be less likely to get extreamly hurt so there would be less injuries caused.

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