Should children under the age of 18 be allowed to join and use Facebook?

  • Why not?

    Before i explain, i am 13 years old and i have my own facebook. So be it! Its not like us teens are going to do something horrible! If adults can then we can! Adults aren't as mature as you think they are. Some are worse than teens. Well they do the worse. Adults do more inaproppiate things than we do. At clubs what all do you see there? Adults. Thats when they have the time to act immature. Who do you see get pulled over for drinking and driving? Adults. See my point? Well Adults think just because they are dults they can do whatever they want, and think us teens cant.

  • Bubble-wrapping the future of tomorrow will create mass ignorance leading to incompetence in dealing with bad situations later in life.

    With parents' permission, and close monitoring and security measures taken, why shouldn't 13-18 year-olds be allowed on Facebook? Viewing of vulgarity can only be achieved by acceptance of vulgar people; the simple solution to vulgarity is to not accept the offending people in the first place. As for cyber-bullying, all measures are taken to protect children on this matter. Facebook has a 'Report' button, and measures are took in school to avoid bullying in these circumstances. Children can be bullied anywhere; online, in school, in social groups; what are we going to do? Lock them away until their 18th birthday and then unleash them into the cruel world?

  • Children under 18 should be allowed to join and use facebook, but there should be some parental controls.

    Social media is an important part of many peoples lives, especially for teenagers. Allowing them to us facebook is just one way parents can monitor what their children are doing, or liking, or following. They should be made aware that what they post can have real life consequences, but I see no reason they should be forbidden.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • Yes, but only with boundaries in place to protect them.

    I believe that children under 18 should be allowed on Facebook. And, I also believe that Facebook should impose boundaries on the usage of the site by those who are under 16. Certain words, images and terminology shouldn't be allowed on the Facebook page of a child under this age. Certain people shouldn't be allowed to visit the page of a child. People whose pages are explicit, for example, should be blocked from communicating with children. I know that Facebook can put these parameters in place, but they could also create a Facebook for children.

    Posted by: gnorknik
  • Yes under control of a parent

    If a child is on Facebook I think they should be supersized by a parent, and only talk to kids or grown-ups they know. If they post inappropriate photos or information about themselves I think they should understand that there are consequences.

  • Yes, Facebook says you need to be at least 13 not 18!

    A long as you have adult super vision, Facebook is just fine! I do not have a Facebook, I am only twelve, but my mom says that when I turn 13, I can have it. She is still going to supervise, but I do not think you have to wait until you are 18

  • Facebook is safe!

    Of course Facebook's safe. I'm 15 and have never been sexually abused, bullied, or been offered drugs over Facebook. There are over 1 billion Facebook users. The only reason we only hear about the bad things that happen over Facebook is because the media and news only share bad news. You won't read an article saying, "Today, Charlie had a good day on Facebook". But that isn't interesting and won't grab a reader's attention. The bad things like cyberbullying, sexual abuse, internet stalking, etc. are the only things that we hear about because we are interested in them. The majority of things that happen on Facebook are not harming to children under 18.

  • Yes!It increases interaction b/w teachers and students.

    Facebook is safe. There are plenty of fun games for kids to play. Some of the games can be learning tools.
    Social media is an important part of many peoples lives, especially for teenagers. Facebook should impose boundaries on the usage of the site by those who are under 16. Certain words, images and terminology shouldn't be allowed on the Facebook page of a child under this age.

  • already is.

    You can join Facebook at 13..
    and yes its a vulgar place but when we are not alllowed to do something we want to do it even more. So when I was 13 you ahd to be 18 to join facebook, I still had it..all my friends did. You're just giving kids the challenge to d stuff behind your back

  • Yes.

    It gives children a chance to learn about blogging.

  • Children should play outside, not online

    There is much panic over child safety and privacy over the Internet, and even more over childhood obesity, but there is the one thing never spoken of that comes into play. When we allow our children to become sedentary they develop negative attitudes (most often because they are associating with angsty teens and bitter young adults in chat rooms/forums/message boards/online games [All of which say 16+ or greater for membership]) and they do not burn off their high amounts of energy that comes with being youthful. What we consider an autistic child is in many cases a child who does not spend enough time playing and using his/her imagination and thus becomes pent up mentally as well as physically. Penning someone up mentally leads to psychological damage, a proven study done by Sigmund Freud no less. Anger issues can develop very quickly due to the human need to be busy. If this need is not fulfilled, it gets vented at and onto others. Anti-social inclinations are another happenstance, as is sexual deviancy in the later years as a lack of socializing with their peers causes a person to have urges and sexual needs that go unfulfilled. Taboo or not, this is a serious problem and tucking it under the rug doesn't make it go away. Socialization in REAL LIFE is NECESSARY for healthy development - online interactions are no substitute whatsoever.
    If you agree with even one thing so far, you have all the justification you need to tell your child no and make them play outside with their friends once their homework is done. It is much healthier for them, physically, emotionally, and socially. They may get bruises or fall out of the occasional tree, but this is actually a good thing; it teaches them to know their limits and to be cautious in situations that are potentially dangerous, helping them grow and mature in a natural way. This results in them being a better person than a child that is coddled, spoiled, and given a sense of unaccountable invincibility. And when such gets unleashed on adults in an adult space (online in general) we resent the kid less than the parents who are being so irresponsible as to let the child become an incorrigible brat that we have to deal with. I don't speak for everyone, but it is a common gripe around the Internet and one that can easily be avoided if parents would realize it is less important to get the kid out of their hair than to be involved with the child. Playing in real life outside, in a pool, a sandbox, or just a patch of grass.. These things let the child exercise their body and mind, which helps balance them emotionally, much more than shooting people in Call of Duty or PvPing them in WoW or joining groups on Facebook that teach them to hate and close their mind, or worse, put them on a predator's list.

  • We are bulding up a world of useless people

    Most of the teenagers spend 5-6 hours a day on facebook. They don't go out to play with their friends, they don't read books they don't do anything that a child of their age MUST do ! The Facebook addiction disorder is a serious problem and we must fight it.

  • Facebook is unnecessary for children under 18 to use

    Facebook is an addictive website and can drive children away form their studies. Facebook also contains inappropriate material which is not suitable for children to view. Their parents cannot be able to supervise their children all the time too, since they have their own things to do and the child may feel uncomfortable if his or her parent is sitting beside him or her all the time, watching what their doing. Furthermore, it is also dangerous to let the child enter a social network that can lead to cyberbullying. I believe that it is totally unnecessary for children to be entering Facebook.

  • No, they shouldn't be allowed.

    If this actually becomes the law, everyone will be 70% more disciplined and decent. Facebook is an ugly social site where major cyber bullying incidents occur and it has a lot of ugliness and vulgarness to it. Since adults are SUPPOSED to know better, although being a teen I am very intelligent and decent, they can be allowed. But you're right, under 18, no.

  • NO!

    Facebook is a very vulgar site with very inappropriate ides in it. It must be gotten rid of at once, otherwise our children will become corrupt

  • Minors are often unaware of the dangers

    Social networking sites like facebook are one of the fastest growing industries in history yet they are relatively new in terms of the impact they have on our lives.

    Few minors have shown the maturity to use these sites safely and responsibly. Young people are very social animals and many have become addicted to these sites, unable to go more than 30 minutes before checking their news feeds and updating their status's. The amount of time they spend on these sites is detrimental to other activities such as homework, study, exersize, participation in sports and real social interaction. Most need adult maturity before they are able to regulate their use.

    Young people also do not have a sense of the long term imapact of their actions. Many post innapropriate things which allow them to become victoms of bullying, suspension or explusion from school or jeapodise their chances of getting a job.

    It is very easy to falsify identity and young people are also in danger from predetors.

    Under 18's could perhaps use facebook on a family type page until they are old enough to handle the responsibility/.

  • Social media is more harmful then beneficiary, and no child should be exposed to it.

    -People forget how to act in real-life conversations. Body language, vocal tone,and eye contact lose all meaning during a digital conversation. And, a warm laugh is much more endearing than a lol.

    -Our tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language tell about who we are, and we lose that part of ourselves through social networking sites.

    -We are wasting away our lives updating our facebook statuses, twittering and constantly commenting on everything in our friends lives that we are seeing. That time could be spent doing other things, but every waking moment we are constantly at our computers typing away.

    -Being constantly in touch with every body else through some giant digital network has its cons. Sexual Predators have a brand new hunting ground, with the natural mask of a screen name, cyber-bullying is now found which is like bullying, except it is constant harassment on the net, and the bullies use screen names and the distance as a mask and shield, making them almost untouchable.

    -People’s lives are constantly on display. That wears down peoples sense of identity and self-worth, because people are constantly acting, and eventually they don’t know what they really like anymore! This can cause severe depression and a mental flogging. Suicides are plaguing America, and people are ignoring their jobs because all they ever do is go on these social networking sites.

    -There is a high risk of identity theft as well as sexual predators on almost all social networking sites.

    -Since people spend hours and hours at a time in front of a screen, at work, they shun their duties so they can see the latest posts. They ignore the gifts of nature so they can see what their friend ate for dinner. THAT’S JUST SAD.

    -Social networking sites destroy the natural relationship that occur between people.

  • No, as in most cases, juveniles are primary victims of sexual predators and bullies.

    If you watch news on TV or read articles on newspapers, you can find tons of sexual abuse and bullying stories of children. Social networking has become a perfect tool for sex predators. Most children are naive and innocent, who just can't differ a bad from good. Children may post any revealing information and photos. According to a statistics, 40% of Facebook users set their privacy settings to "everyone." That is real bad.

  • I think that they should not let a child under 18 join Facebook.

    Sometimes the child will sneak and use Facebook and it is not safe for them as they could add many strangers and talk about him/her to them. Then the stranger could gather up all the information and just kidnap or do many things on him/her. That is why I say it is not safe.

  • No

    I don't think children under the age of 18 should be allowed to use Facebook. I think there is so much going on social networking sites that children under the age of 18 do not need to be a part of. They can communicate in school and over the phone. They do not need to be on the internet where people can pretend to be someone else and befriend them.

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