Should children under the age of 18 have the right of privacy?

  • Yes They Should!!!!!!

    I really do think that 18 and under should have their own right of privacy! When they have their own privacy, they can decompress and talk to parents more often. When I get my own privacy, I tend to feel more open to talk to my parents than without privacy.

  • After the NSA...

    After everyone flipped that the NSA spied on everyone, suddenly its fine for people to spy on kids. Kids are almost never going to turn out to be terrorists, so there's even less reason to spy on them than the general population, but its still OK to spy on them? What are they going to do, cat video and debate.Org you to death?

  • Everyone deserves privacy!!

    Kids often have their privacy invaded, making them feel very angry. This can have a huge negative impact on the kids life. One: They could get mental health disorders. And Two: Never talk or rarely talk to their parents again. It's non-constitutional to invade on anyones privacy without a warrant, so why should it be any different with kids? They're the same as an adult except for physically. Either way, they're human and everyone deserves a right to privacy – no matter the age.

  • If you need it, so do kids.

    %100, kids should be totally aloud their own privacy. Kids are as much as people as adults are. There's no reason that people shouldn't be allowed to have privacy based on their age. Everyone needs privacy at some point. I believe that there would be more drama if there was no privacy in the foe kids under 18.

  • Kids should have privacy.

    I believe that kids should have their own privacy, but with that being said they should also be accountable for their actions. If they would like to equal to adults then punishments and accolades should be equal. The biggest problem today is that parents want to be the kids best friends. False ideals, parents kids are not your friend they are your product., talk to them like adults and that day they act childish remind them that they want to be equal to adults. Parents don't buy kids under the age of 18 anything have them earn them. I don't know any adult who is given money for free i mean if you do by all means give them your money.

  • Yes they should have privacy

    When people invade your privacy you feel violated. It's meant to be a safe comfortable space. Lol as a teen you like discovering new things and questioning things. On the internet you can find all the info u need. If parents don't trust the child with a phone don't get one for them. Or block certain apps. I mean adults wouldn't like it if teens started to spy in there phone. My parents once searched on my phone and knowing they saw everything on it made me real depressed. I had a new found self hatred for myself. It got worse, it developed into me having suicidal thoughts and I gotta go see a psychiatrist. It just started with lack of respect and privacy. To this day if people don't respect me I feel as though 'yeh they're right, you don't deserve respect' and I just don't care for myself at all. Wow im depressing and this is long k bye have a nice day♡

  • Should students under 18 be able to have privacy

    Yes i do feel like children under that age 18 should be able to have privacy because not everything they do should be out to their parents. Parents dont let us see what they are doing so y should we let them see what we say. Its really not our problem if they did not have phones back then not our faults. Cuz how much u wanna bet that if they had the technology we had they would of been fighting for the same right

  • No No No!

    Look, people these days want their children to be safe, so why not let them have privacy??? If we let them they would feel more comfortable around us, and by us I mean parents. I, for one, really think that children under 18 should get privacy. Ask any 18 or under kid and you would get the same answer.

  • Why should not?

    There is no difference between a 13 year-old kid and a 30 year-old adult except for their age and physical condition. Kids are supposed to have their own personal space because this is the place they feel comfortable around. When parents invade their territory, the outcome might vary from minor fight between parents and kids to the totally negative impact on their personality.
    As a victim of privacy being invaded by parents, my heart is still clenching when I'm typing down these words.

  • People of all ages should have the right to privacy!

    Invading someone's privacy is considered rude amongst adults, so why should parents spy on their kids?
    Children should be educated about the potential dangers and consequences of what they say and who they say it too. But we shouldn't be allowed to stalk them. Some parents would abuse the privilege.

  • It would not encourage open conversation and sharing.

    Children need to have time to develop their own sense of right and wrong, with help from a role model. Privacy at a young age, while protecting the child's interest, would not allow bad choices to be challenged by a well meaning adult. This is important to the development a child's sense of logic.
    Privacy should be a privilege that is earned by displaying an ability to make good choices. If a child can justify her/his decisions with sound logic then they should have the power to make that choice for themselves.

  • No, they are the "property" of their parents until they reach the legal age.

    By law, children are the "property" of their parents and thus, they should not have the right to privacy. Their parents should be able to delegate and know what their children can/cannot/are doing. Their parents have the responsibility to manage their children's lives- if they do their jobs that is.

  • Eh, nah. It would domino into much more.

    I disagree with this. Yes, privacy for some, helps them feel more comfortable around their parents. However, I feel as though some would abuse that fact that they would have this right unconditionally. Doing whatever they want, against the rules of parents, and not getting punished. I think amount of privacy should still be up to the parents. So that, if you abuse your privacy, you get it rightfully taken away.

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