• Easier to gather information needed for homework.

    Since the internet has gathered all the information into one specific place e.g. wikipedia, wikihow, youtube, google, etc. Children should take this to their adventage as studying with visuals will helps them memorise events and understand concepts better, rather than looking at a bunch of words and formulas on paper without understanding its theory and concept.

  • Davis elementary school

    It will help us with projects and a lot more than paper with a bunch squiggles on it the squiggles are small and hard to read. Electronics and paper have a lot of differences but they still give info. It is just that electronics give more inf to learn from

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  • Students should be able to bring their electronics at school due to the advantage they have.

    There are many ways electronics can have learning advantages. For example, kids can learn a lot from the electronics they. They could also be useful for reading, if some one wants to read they could just pull out their electronic device if they did not bring their book or reading paper.Their math level and their reading level could rapidly increase due to electronics.

  • Yes, it opens up a large spectrum of knowledge.

    Using technology to educate is a very good idea. Technology can use unlimited numbers of books to teach from a single piece of hardware, and can do things that traditional methods cannot, such as play videos and allow recording of lessons for later viewing. Over all, technology surpasses tradition with the amount of knowledge available.

  • Electronics help students.

    Our world is technology driven. Students should be able to use electronics at school as long as it is for educational purposes. Some students study better with music playing and some students learn better from the wording from a website than a dull textbook. If it helps them, students should be able to used electronics.

  • Should kids have phones

    Kids are making their Brain go numb and losing brain cells. With kids using devices parents want kids to have phones so they can text them or call them when they are lost burn can't they use someone else's phone and their parents have to pay for the phone bill so I think kids don't need to have a phone

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