• School is for learning, not for fashion.

    Uniforms are less distracting than regular clothes, and cause fewer distractions. In addition, they eliminate dress code discussions and interpretations. The child is either in uniform, or not, period. It allows teachers to spend more time teaching and less time policing what their students are wearing. They also make mornings much easier on the child and the parents. There is no angst over what to wear each day.

  • School uniforms promote discipline on kids.

    School uniforms are a way for kids to implement manners and discipline on students. Its important for kids to learn how to properly dress accordingly to an occasion, rather than just wearing what they want to whenever they want. Plus a school looks way more organized with uniforms, not mentioning the economic favor to the parents. Kids always want to war new clothes to school and that sometimes can be an argument starter on tough times.

  • Yes, if the school considers it appropriate to their situation.

    School situations and cultures vary, and there is no one way that is right for all of them. But a school uniform avoids many problems of indecent dress, gang symbols, etc, which might be difficult to manage with only a dress code. It need not restrain individuality; the child only wears it a few hours a day. Setting a clear expectation that certain clothing is appropriate for certain occasions can also help prepare students for a professional environment. Of course, it goes without saying that the uniform should be tasteful and comfortable.

  • Children should wear uniforms

    Wearing uniforms makes us look very equal and organised in our child Life. It gives a strong effect on everyone because regular uniform makes us concentrate on our study than our clothing. School uniforms also prove s the identity of each school. This sometimes also help in finding a particular child who has got lost at school. I also shows good manners, discipline,and obedience to one. So it is necessary for children to wear correct uniforms.

  • Eliminates fashion discussions, lots of bullying and hard mornings

    Most of the time the popular kids pick on others because of their clothing, how dumb. It also gets annoying when kids can't get over with what to wear for the day. Want to eliminate these from school? Uniforms are the answer. They are cheap and comfortable (at least for me it is), simple and neat. Also if you worry about not washing it for the next day in time, just buy two sets of uniforms!

  • Yes of course

    Yes, children should wear school uniform because school uniform gives us our identity in the school; it makes us look like one. Moreover, what if the children get lost; the uniform can help the people around them to take them back to school or their teacher. It can also put the child in pressure about what should they wear the next day to school.

  • Yes they should were school uniforms. What if they get lost

    Well if a kid gets lost and there not is school uniform well yes they would find her but it would be a lot more easier if they had uniforms because they can spot her from the groups of people this can let the school have a advantage so yeah.

  • Yes it should be compulsory.

    Have you ever thought ‘why does my school require school uniforms?’. Well think again because after you read this, you will be convinced that all schools must have compulsory school uniforms. Some reasons for this are being part of a school community, decreases bullying/stress and make mufti days more special. Most people agree that school uniforms should certainly be mandatory.

  • Y e s

    I say yes because schools should be represented by what they were. In my school we wear uniforms for when we are in band, orchestra, and even choir. The uniforms represents our school. In a normal day we wear our normal clothes and it does not represent our school and I don't like that .

  • Yes I argue

    It represents the school. And show 's the school respect most schools have uniforms. And the school picks clothing nit the kids imagine them coming to school with a inappropriate uniform it is whist most kids want but it is quit likely they will get there opinion I disagree with them.

  • Children should not wear uniforms to school...

    The uniform might be too small or too big for some children, and poor families will not be able to afford the uniforms as it may be expensive, and they may express their feelings with what their wearing, for example,
    a child who is feeling sad will wear brown or black clothes to school.

  • No h j

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  • Kids Can Get Irritated

    The kids could get easily irritated by the uniforms having to be worn every single school day. And the irritation of the uniforms can't just be everyday things, sometimes it can be the suit itself. The suit could have something kids are allergic to or just irritate the skin and make it itchy, constantly.
    - Written By A 6th Grader

  • Say No To Uniforms for once!

    Everyday at school, you just see mirrors of you and your friends wearing the same thing everyday! You would be so bored of seeing that,you hardly can express yourself. And your parents would have to pay all that money, spending on some dorky uniform. You might get bullied by older kids for being so formal,dorky and your friends looking like bunch of clones and copy cats. Also some thread on some uniforms maybe dangerous or so like making you itchy. And what if you painted some thing and you stained your uniform, your school maybe strict and home clothes are easy to clean

    -Written by a kid

  • NO they should not wear uniforms

    It blocks children's way to express themselves and be themselves. No one should be forced to wear something they don't want to wear. Wearing your own clothes allows you to be yourself and show who you are in a different way then talking. Everyone has there own style and should be able to show it.

  • It makes people feel boring

    It makes people feel like they cant dress good and they will only only be able to wear one type of close or just on air of cloth and they will be just like ........ Patrick star and the will kind dumb like him to lol jk i just mean the first part

  • No wearing uniform

    It is a big problem because it blocks children’s individuality and as a child wearing a uniform is boring. If we aren’t even allowed to choose what we wear, we shouldn’t be allowed to think our own thoughts! Children should be allowed to express themselves and dress the way they want!

  • My personal appearance

    I am personally a goth but with school uniform I can't be who I want to be and that is pretty annoying. Also I feel uncomfortable in school uniform as it can get really tight and itchy. My friends also don't know what I like because of what I have to wear to school and new I have a big box full of birthday presents from my friends and personally... I HATE THEM ALL!

  • No just no

    They strip individuality. Kids should get to wear what they want. Some families might not be able to afford these uniforms. And it might get unorganized having to wash them every night before bed. Uniforms them self are uncomfortable and very irritating and itchy. Kids shouldn't grow up wearing uniforms

  • Children should be expressive

    Fashion is a form of expression and this expression should never be curbed in an educational setting. So much of schooling is dedicated to learning social interaction, and forcing students to wear uniforms will discourage the idea that people should be expressive and non-conformist. Uniforms are a formalistic, dare I say fascistic, concept that go against the entire idea of freedom.

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