Should children who have issues with parents be able to live with a family member?

Asked by: Death_Angel3495
  • Yes, in certain instances, parents should lose their parental rights.

    While not getting along with a parent is absolutely no reason for a child to stop living with a parent (since all children are bound to go through this at some point in their lives), in certain situations, parents should definitely lose custody of their children. Being a parent is a privilege, not a right, and not all adults are suited to it. In instances where parents and children have major issues with each other, the local government should get involved and potentially grant custody to a different family member.

  • Children should be

    Able to live with another family member if they feel their parent or parents don't pay enough attention to their child, the child should try to seek attention from their parent but if the parent refuses . Have the child go to a counselor or their school counselor and tell them that they want to live with a different family member like a sister or a brother maybe grandparents aunts and uncles but the child should be able to get some sort of love and affection if the parents do not give it to the child.

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