Should children with autism spectrum disorder be taught in mainstream schools?

Asked by: GoodySam
  • Yes, students in the spectrum should be given the chance to effectively function in the mainstream class.

    The student with disabilities has the right to fair education. In my own opinion, students with autism spectrum must be given the fair assessment and that will not limit their access to learning. Inclusion programme is essential in this cases because the learning support must be given to the student with the disability.

  • I believe it depends on what end of the autistic spectrum the child falls into

    Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) should be given the opportunity to attend a school they feel comfortable at, a if it is a mainstream school they should able to attend. However, in saying that some mainstream schools may not be able to cater for the needs of a child with ASD for example, a child on the severe end of the spectrum. I don't believe that restricts should be placed n the child with ASD just because they may distract other students or be prone to bullying because children without ASD should be taught that not every child is like them and everyone should still be treated with respect.

  • It's a difficult decision

    I feel that some autistic children would do better in specially equips schools with understanding teachers , it can also be distracting to other children and can have a negative affect on the autistic child if the teacher does not understand an did not prioritising them . I feel that for can aid their development to be in a mainstream school but children can be very cruel which would damage their social standings

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