Should children younger than 13 years be allowed to watch MTV or music videos?

  • They make there own choices

    Yes they should be able to! You know why? Because if they see something not good for them, they know to turn it off but if they dont they know there parents will find out soon enough and they will get bad deeds! Let them make there own choice! Be bad and watch bad stuff at young age and go to hell! Or be good, mature and go to heaven! They make there own choices. Its like drugs, you choose to drink or not to drink!

  • Yes, children under 13 should be allowed to watch MTV and videos.

    There is no way that we can limit children under the age of 13 from watching MTV or music Videos. Besides that fact, every individual is different and people reach maturity and different levels and ages. Therefore not allowing children under 13 to watch music videos would be outrageous and would never work.

  • MTV for Kids

    MTV is simply music television. Music is not offensive to children and requires no rating. The responsibility of the television network is to cipher through the videos to show those that can be ethically presented. Ethically presented videos not regulated can be an affront to adults as well as children.

  • Because its fine

    Maturity and stuff like that u know.. Then like yeah uh-huh because id save a id from starvation and Bob Ross so yeah idek anymore do u think this is 50 words yet???? Gregory Thomas the Train clickbait houses rnt homes Hospitals are green. MARIJIjUANA i only need five more words. Done

  • It's the parents' responsibility to look after their children anyways.

    First of all, parents' should be the one to lead their children to the right path, and they should be aware on what they are watching and listening to. (It's called parental-supervision) On the plus side, it was made of entertainment, thats why it's there. (DUH) It's a part of a parents' job, so if your a parent, DEAL WITH IT.

  • Becuase theres nothing bad about it

    Its very cool becuase its got cool music that is the most
    popular music and cool pop music and all kinds but its not that bad becuase people under 13 should be allowed to listin to popular artists who can sing cool and dance very cool so i pick yes.

  • Television not sutable for childern

    Audlt programme not good for child
    Time waste and adicted to watching t v
    Delayed studies and try to do moovies action
    Exprement on t v programme
    Some programme not suitable for children
    Some information no need to child
    Can be change children mind
    Can be noty boy 0r girl

  • It is bad

    Would these ratings be really good for a kid under the age of thirteen? Studies show that most of the show titles just give a bad example so just think about what the show is about. Most shows on Mtv show high violence, nudity, underage drinking, and illegal drugs, and would you really want to show that to your kids or see that yourself.

  • No HA HA

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  • No they shouldn't be able to watch mtv

    Because have you seen what mtv shows? You are very low if you watch it and I have no respect for you. Its against god and makes fun of him. I don't why you would even want to flip it to that channel. I hate it. And it is ignorant.

  • To inappropriate for kids to see some of the music videos

    Children will think it's ok to do the stuff shown on the mv's. Like sexual content shouldn't be allowed on there at all. And the levels of cursing in some of the videos tells kids that it's perfectly fine to curse at their age. Plus they'd curse. My point exactly.

  • Its not good for kids that

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