• Children shouldn't have toy guns

    I feel that if a child has a toy gun they will think that it's okay to go around shooting people and animals. I don't like guns and I definitely don't like that fact that there are toy guns for the children. The children will grow up to think that having a gun is all fun and games and then what are they going to do when they injure or even kill. When the child gets to the hunting age then parents should start to talk to the children about it and how to properly use it and teach them that it's illegal to go around killing people. I feel that toy guns should be banned all around the world.

  • You never know when someone might mistake it for a real gun.

    You might get shot,killed or go to jail you do not want to go to jail know do you want to go to jail and never see your family or your family could never vist you if i were you i would never let my childever play with guns so if i were you i would do the same

  • Why would anyone so that?

    Let them have their toys. It will educate them on real weapons so they'll be more responsible if they come into contact with an actual gun. Should we ben water? Water kills more kids than guns. Let's ban fatty foods since heart attacks kill more people than guns. People wake up.

  • No. Gun education is better than a ban.

    No. By stopping the manufacture of children's play guns, we would simply give children a reason to be more curious about what is in there Dad's gun locker. Toy guns allow our youth to be taught the proper way to handle a firearm. It is a matter of people effectively parenting their children to ensure the children are taught proper gun etiquette.

  • Banning toy weapons= banning the right to play for boys!!!!!

    I love to play with toy weapons( guns,swords and bows), to me banning toy weapons is denying the right for child to play, it will hurt the economy, the U.S toy industry is a big one and war toys are among it and you don't want your economy ruined don't you huh? It is violating the freedom of expression, and the freedom for child to play, and will outrage many including and also consider this many child like me play with toy weapons( not only toy guns but swords and bows) never turn violent so parent who ban toy weapons please reflect and forget about that nonsense you've made and let your boys enjoy the freedom of expression and freedom of playing once again!

  • Banning Toy weapons= denying boys right to PLAY!!!!= violating freedom of expression Banning toy weapons= hurting the economy!!!!!

    I like to play toy weapons( I am including all toy weapons like swords and bows not only guns) since I am a kid now I am playing Nerf when turn 13 I will start playing airsoft but since I am 11 I still stick to nerf , to me banning toy weapons is denying the right to play to boys, like me many boys love to play with these, and banning them will outrage boys, and also the U.S toy industry is huge, wartoys is a large part banning them is hurting the economy and you don't want that don't you huh? Banning that is violating the right of expression and the right of playing, also the majority of kids play with toy weapons and never even became violent, so just forget about the banning toy weapon nonsense and let your child once again enjoy the freedom of playing and expression!

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