• Chilli should contain a warning label

    In the interest of safety, chilli should have a warning label. It can be very spicy, which could create discomfort for some. However, it may be more damaging to others that are restricted from these types of foods. A label would allow those that should not have chilli to be forewarned.

  • No. Unless it's very spicy

    Most chili seasoning you can buy in a store or at a restaurant is mildly hot. Even if it's labeled "hot" at most it will make your nose run and your eyes water. The only time I think a warning label would be necessary is if this chili is specially made to really burn your mouth.

  • Chili should not have a warning label

    There is absolutely no need for chili to have a warning label. Any company that makes chili gives it a name that often implies the heat level. If a person is concerned about the heat factor, they should clearly read the label and ingredients. A warning label is ludicrous and entirely unnecessary.

  • Warning Label for Chili

    I do not believe that chili should adorn a warning label. Everyone knows that chili is spicy, and if you do not know that read the ingredients. If you do not know what the ingredients are look them up. A warning label should be provided for things that could cause danger or death, neither of which happen when you eat chili, unless you are allergic to something in it, in which you are probably reading the ingredients anyways.

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