• No one child

    Why wouldn't you want to have two child, that would be great because sometimes the one child can be alone and be sad all by his self. Plus have a brother or sister can help you through the hard in life. So that why i say we shouldn't have a one child policy,

  • Other ways of controlling population.

    There are many other successful ways of controlling a rapidly increasing population such as educating women in the advantages and disadvantages of having children. I think they should abandon it but instead put a different measure in place. China needs to think about the negative impacts of the one child policy as well as the positive ones.

  • Yes they should do away with the OCP

    The OCP has been successful in curbing early stages of overpopulation and hence providing better living conditions for the citizens.

    However, while statistically proven and affirmed, the OCP has also condoned the rise of a wave of social problems now plaguing the nation-state.

    With a need for economic fluorishment as with any other country, China will soon be deprived of sufficient contributors in the workforce with the continuous aging population and highly constrained birth rates.

    In time, the aging population will be unemployed with no one to care for, and the onus would be handed over to the government to ensure the needs of these elderly.

    Numerous social problems have arised as a result of this policy. Conforming with society's expectations, many couples rid of their infant daughters via abortion or infanticide, paving an impetus for the onset of a bigger problem to plague the nation. Couples want a daughter, but needs a son.

    As a result, there are more male than female births, and a good approximate of 35% of men now find themselves unable to wed, due to the lack of the female gender available.

    Whilst lifting the current OCP policy may see a boom of baby births, it may take a few years before the impact of the policy lifting will begin to show.

    At that point, government officials and population experts may have to begin integrating various approaches of containing the population and at the same time, putting in place a more humane and holistic policy. (i wouldnt know thats y im not a politician ;)

  • It was a statistical success but a humanitarian failure

    As many people have said, the one child policy was a success but only a statistical success. One of its fatal flaws was that ever since the one child policy was instated people have been wanting to have boys instead of girls. In an inherently sexist society women are lower class citizens in china and usually are unable to get better paying jobs and are usually just married off to another family, this leaves the parents with nobody to look after them in their old-age therefore making them want to have a son that can look after them. As a result many back-street abortions have taken place and the female population is slowly getting smaller. This leaves men with no brides. So without the one child policy this would not have happened.

  • Heard there's more problems than solutions

    I would say the best solution is to drop this policy and create a new one and that is sending more Chinese overseas to other countries or send children as a sort of foreign exchange student, send them to live in dormitory settings in other countries and stay in contact with their parents through the internet and phone with some visit days allowed.

  • It's not the middle ages

    In all countries we have well fare and an allied and militantly strong nation like China should not have to worry about an uprising from the lower classes. So why can't they just get past 1980 BCE and allow more than one child? There is no reasoning behind the rule.

  • Yes and no.

    China should abandon the One Child Policy but maybe put a new policy in to replace it. They do have that policy for a reason, because their country is getting flooded with people and they need some type of crowd control befor it gets worse. However, it will be a while till they find something that will work perfectly.

  • The Policy Is Unnatural

    I believe China should abandon the One Child Policy. I believe the policy is dangerous for children, babies, and pregnancies; because after all, it is impossible to reverse a pregnancy. Secondly, I feel as though the policy is overbearing when consider personal freedoms and it is also very unnatural. I believe it was a bad idea from that start and it should be ended.

  • One Child Policy Outdated

    Without a doubt, China should get rid of the One Child Policy as soon as possible. Such a policy has caused the death and abandonment of thousands of female fetuses and newborns. The country needs to change its ways and promote the birth and raising of women more and more.

  • So-called overpopulation is a cop-out excuse for inept and corrupt government. Countries can be developed to hold countless billions of people.

    1-child tyranny is needless government cruelty and government violence against innocent people who wish to be left alone.

    China can hold lots more people. Let the cities overfill with naturally-high human birthrate, and build more suburbs upon suburbs, and build additional cities. Babies are good for stimulating the economy, and building and designing nice cities and buildings makes jobs that the people need.

    Each and every human life is sacred, so human populations should spread naturally without any means of birth control to be used.

  • No no no

    The one child policy REALLY helped China with many things like population management, poverty and good environments. Most people think china"s one child policy should be banned, but think again people. The policy they have adopted has changed their education level so that kids could be better educated yes yes

  • No, China's one-child policy can be maintained forever and the missing workforce can be replaced with immigration

    Well, people around the world think that China's one child policy is cruel. But if we would ask a Chinese citizen in China, their answer would be so: "No, it's not. My generation today is now living better and thanks to the one-child policy. I have more benefits and can count on a prosperous future." We see the difference between two worlds, but don't realize the cause and effect. Now, China is becoming older and people will be missing in the workforce. Which we see, that in China more people will become old and more money will be paid out on the retired population. Thinking about abandoning the one-child, wouldn't be intelligent. Because China would go in the direction, where they never wanted to be. In the direction of living in a society, where resources are scare and people don't find jobs. However, China can still use immigrants and think about filling the missing workforce to help pay for the retired Chinese population. People in Africa or India, might consider taking the chance to immigrate to China, for various reasons. First taking the chance for economical one and get an idea about "Why China has the one-child policy and why was it ever introduced?!". So that the African immigrants can tell their home-country a message and teach them how their generation can avoid starvation; hunger; diseases; unemployment and civil wars.

    Because one thing we all have to know, that humans are doing the action.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    Not yet, anyway. Massive poverty and population overcrowding is a genuine threat not only to their country but to the world in general. As sad as it may seem, limiting family size is a working system. For now. Limiting it based on income (and thus, ability to care for and raise children) would make sense. What would help would be a switch from the excessive patriarchy that still grips that country. Tracing a bloodline through a male is silly, at best, since women are the ones who actually give birth.

  • No no no no!

    HI :) everyone my opinion is that NO, we shouldn't be abandoning the one child policy because this one child policy helped many people, but not only people but also some of the countries.AND if we don't legalize this one child policy, and if they keep on producing human our country, Philippines, not only the Philippines but some of the country, will suffer.As you can see in china, half of the people there don't need to suffer because they have this one-child policy.ONE OF THE IMPORTANT NEEDS OF A CHILD IS "EDUCATION". They go to school to learn new things everyday and if they continue to keep on studying there is a possibility that they may have job and have a better future.In our country, Philippines, we don't have this one child policy but they are planning about implementing 2 child policy which is great or better than not implementing this one or two child policy.Half of the people here in our country needs to suffer almost everyday which most of the time is the poor people.They're poor because they barely have enough money to support their 3 or more children.Also most poor people are barely willing to do their jobs anyway, and the fact that some THEY USE THEIR OWN CHILDREN to do their own jobs. THIS POLICY SHOULD BE THE PRIORITY.

  • I dont care if they are our friend or not.

    The idea of hoping for the destruction of another country so we can get ahead is wrong. We, as a species, are one. We must work together so that we can achieve higher goals. China should not abandon this policy. Once they get their population down, however, they can do whatever they choose.

  • China can't let up on this.

    Abandoning the one child policy would be one of the worst things that nation could actually do. With more than a billion people within its borders and no practical environmental policy, China is struggling to feed all the people it already has with its polluted farmland. The last thing they need to do is lift this policy and create their very own famine.

  • The one child policy is solid.

    I think that certain places can benefit from policies like the One Child Policy. I think that China is one of those places. They're need for population control forced them to do some pretty progressive legislation enforcement and the outcome was the one child policy. I truly believe that it is for the better.

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Bullish says2013-05-18T00:41:09.710
People, the so called "One Child Policy" is not nearly as cruel as the American media makes it out to be. Here are just some of the easements: one can have another child for half of the family's annual income; twins, triplets, etc. Are allowed; two single childs may have multiple kids; only city dwellers are affected the to the full extent; can have more kids if the firsts are female...