• Yes it should be abolished

    Because they cant just take someones life for someone else. What if that person is innocent and the judge were wrong. Plus this is effecting our universal declaration of rights. So basically its making an unsafe and a inhumane environment for the people of china to live in? You people good like oh my gosh? JK ;)

  • Ban Death penalty

    When a person did something wrong you don't have to execute this criminal just put the criminal in jail so they can think about their action of all their crime including killing someone, because when a judge order a death penalty the judge is a murderer themselves because your killing a human being even this person is a criminal and is not justice because the judge is a murderer executing criminal and the judge is a human like all of us not a god to decide whether we die or not. A judge is to decide whether were guilty or not and put us to jail if we are guilty, not kill us because it's my life and again your not god.

  • Stop killing people you idiots.

    Killing People. Is wrong. If you kill anyone you should be sent to jail for life not executed because that's the easy way out and let God decide that bit in the afterlife but you do not take them to the afterlife yourself that you yourself are back in hell like you should do if you think killing people is right in any shape or form.

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  • The Death Penalty Is Immoral

    I believe it would be best for China to abolish the death penalty. I believe most people can agree that the death penalty is an immoral sentence and there is no place for it in the modern world. I think abolishing the death penalty is another sign that humans are progressing.

  • If it's civilized

    China is on its way to becoming a major world power, and as a world leader they should take a moral stance and abolish the death penalty. The same goes for any culture across the world, Western or Eastern. The death penalty is archaic, outdated, and barbaric, and it does no culture any good to continue practicing it.

  • Yes, they definitely should.

    It is wrong to kill someone for anything because you need to offer everyone forgiveness, weather they accept it or not. Plus, you can use that person to you advantage. That person can work really hard for no money at jobs, no one else wants to do. It is very immoral to execute anyone.

  • China Should Not Abolished It

    Death penalty is used for prevent the evil people do more bad things and give comfort to the families and friends of the victim who suffered from this bad people. It is also a threaten when the ones almost to do something worth--like if a rape happened, and the perpetrator tried to kill the victim because of afraid, if he thought of the laws, he might give up cause he knows that, if got caught because of rape, he will get 3-10 years in prison, but caught of murder, it's death.
    As the prison's accommodation improved a lot, and food and bed are provided, many perpetrator were not afraid of it or even think it as travelling...
    And, I believe an eye for an eye, if you murder one people intentional, how can you just say sorry then let everyone get through it like nothing happened?
    I think death penalty should be kept for the really evil ones, and the standard for it should be stricter, no one could be put in death just because of some witness's testify without any prove.

    Posted by: SGQJ
  • No everyone should have it

    I think all countries should have the option to use the death penalty. There are some crimes that are so bad that death is the best way to deal with them. It is like holding onto something that you don't normally use but you want to make sure you have the option to if needed.

  • China should not abolish the death penalty.

    China has a low crime rate despite a high level of poverty because it has draconian penalties for theft and drug use. Even though China is located near heroin producing countries, it has a relatively low number of drug addicts because of the severe penalties for using or dealing drugs.

  • China should not abolish the death penalty.

    China should not abolish the death penalty. They have the death penalty there for a reason and it has reduced the number of serious crimes because the people that commit these crimes know that it is there and possible for them to get if they do something extremely terrible. I think they should keep it.

  • No, I don't think that China should abolish the death penalty

    I don't think that China should abolish the death penalty. I believe that if an individual has intentionally committed a crime to harm the very well being of another human being or even their life and had actually succeeded in doing so, that person shouldn't exist anymore. They arene't behaving like a human being, but an outright psychopath.

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