Should China be allowed to send products here for free?

  • Yes, they should.

    If it is something that turns out to be of economic benefit to both countries, then I see no reason as to why China should not be allowed to send things to us for free. While I have a hard time believing that not taxing them would be a better choice, I am open to ideas.

  • Giving one county an advantage over another is not fair.

    There are protocols to be followed when importing and exporting products. We receive much in terms of imports from china and other countries of Asia. Why would it benefit us or them to not tax them? It would encourage further trade, yes, but it would alienate other trade-agreements we have with other countries. We are the consumer-capital of the world, and everyone is vying for our dollars, but China shouldn't be given an unfair access to that source.

  • No it just allows them to exploit more without consequences.

    Besides bringing in additional revenue for our country, it also gives us some control over how much something is priced. So that way an American company can compete. I am open to a more complex deal that would alleviate some tax if they improve worker safety, pay rate and quality of life! I also think that we shouldn't make them sell their products at the same price we do. We normally build a better quality product than China, so you get what you pay for.

  • They Should Be Taxed

    I have no problem with China selling products in the United States, but they should not be able to send them over here for free. There should be a tax on the items they send. This is because they are taking some of the market and sales away from American products.

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