• We welcome China business, they need to welcome ours.

    When we shop, a huge percentage of goods say Made in China. Our businesses support Chinese imports, but when it comes to our exports, China taxes them so high that the majority of Chinese citizens cannot afford them. Yes, China needs to welcome ours more, or we need to start taxing their imports in retaliation.

  • Yes they should

    We have a lot of business with them, they should be very welcoming of our business. I don't think we should have so much with them actually. But, from their perspective, we bring them money and probably quite a bit of it. I don't see why they wouldn't welcome it.

  • Yes, China would only benefit from welcoming American businesses

    Yes, China should be more welcoming to American businesses. China and America are both connected very closely economically and as such we should always be striving to improve relations. I feel as though America has been very welcoming to Chinese business ventures whereas there is a lot of push back from China towards American business ventures. They should open up and make it so our business relationship is not so one-sided.

  • No, American businesses threaten China's economy

    No, China does not stand to benefit from American businesses within their country. Although these businesses will create jobs and revenue, this will actually hurt China's economy by taking said jobs and revenue away from their own local economy. Historically, outsourcing jobs has had a negative effect on both the country doing the outsourcing, and the country providing the resources.

  • There's a lack of understanding in this.

    I've read the question, and its three 'yes' responses, and I notice the lack of understanding.
    What the asker is suggesting, is not possible due to the Chinese Government's way of thinking. They encourage their own businesses and allow them to thrive, without foreign interaction.
    Rightly or wrongly, this is the way it is.

    I feel this question would be better rephrased as "Would the Chinese be better off welcoming American, and other nation's custom?" Currently it implies a misunderstanding of the Chinese people, which I find distressing. I can only hope you read my message, and be more understanding in future.

    As for my opinion on this question, the way it is phrased means I can only answer 'no'.

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abyteofbrain says2014-09-04T03:20:03.480
Their government is their own business, and not mine.