• Yes, it's time Hong Kong became fully independent from China

    After all the economic progress and contributions Hong Kong has made in the global marketplace it's time the city gained full independence from the Chinese communist regime. Being an autonomous region brings with it a lot of gray areas that negatively impact the city's population both socially and economically, so after having its sovereignty transferred from the UK to China, it's definitely time for Hong Kong to become an independent nation.

  • Yes, China should grant Hong Kong its independence

    Hong Kong has a history of being a major global commerce location and won its independence from being a British Colony in 1997. The struggle for independence from China would be due to issues of democratic and economic freedom. It would be similar to Singapore as a major financial center.

  • Yes, China should grant Hong Kong its independence.

    Hong Kong is dramatically different from mainland China. The former British colony has a much more robust free-market economy, as well as more western views when it comes to political freedoms. In fact, many citizens in the city have protested against the Chinese government for not allowing free and open elections for its leaders. It is unlikely that the city will ever want to conform to the Chinese government. Therefore, Hong Kong should be granted its independence.

  • Yes, China should grant Hong Kong its independance.

    If Hong Kong wants to be independent, and they are willing to try setting up their own government, then yes, they should be given the chance. Sometimes an area of a nation is populated by people who are not served well by the existing government. When this happens, it is to everyone's advantage to try to find a way to work this out . . .even if it means independence from the existing government.

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