• Yes, the people of China deserve to recieve the whole truth of matters.

    The Chinese government should definitely allow free press. The people of China deserve to have a press that is not censored by the government and able to give the people the whole truth on all matters. This would significantly help the people progress further and not be held back by the powers that be.

  • Yes, China should have a Free Press.

    In my opinion, China should absolutely have a free press. It has one of the most restrictive policies in the world when it comes to social media. While this can be viewed as protecting people from "bad news", I feel it is far more important for the public to be able to be informed and for all to be able to express themselves freely.

  • Should China should have a free press?

    Should China have a free press? Not just China but every other country in the world should have a free press. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right particularly in a democracy, however various forms of censorship have been imposed on media of every country and the scale of severity of these censorship's needs to be measured to ensure existence of a free press.

  • Yes, free press dignifies citizens and restricts government abuses of power.

    Without free press the community has limited opportunities to voice its concerns. This, in turn, results in a view of the citizenry that is without dignity. That is to say, human beings are not treated as particularly more valuable than commodities. Those in power still must concern themselves with the views of the citizens, on a certain level, but the interests of the people are less important. For this reason (human dignity), China should have a free press. Moreover, the press serves as a "watch-dog" group. Without it, the decisions of China's leadership will not be as clearly exposed. If they are not clearly exposed, they can not be successfully debated. Further, potential local abuses may go unnoticed. Thus, a Chinese free press dignifies citizens and restricts government abuses of power.

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