• Yes, it wasn't a bad policy though

    China should have ended their one child policy but that does not detract from the fact that at the time it was a necessary policy that needed to be implemented. Their failure was in allowing the policy to exist for as long as it did. When introduced in the late 1970s it was of vital importance as China's population growth was out of control and unsustainable. However as they let it run too long they will now suffer from an ageing population, and due to the preference of having male children it has resulted in an extravagant number of abortions and abandoned female children. So yest, it is a good thing that the policy has ended.

  • Yes, China make the correct decision

    China policy makers made the correct decision by allowing couples to be in charge of the number of children they can produce. Overcrowding forced the country to make such a drastic law, but the decision was so bizarre it felt as if the lawmakers were a deity controlling life and death.

  • Yes , and they did.

    They finally did it recently. Most chinese won't even want to have more than one child because of poverty. And everyone know that these days is hard to raise even one child let alone 2 or 3 or more. All in all it is good that the law is down.

  • Dictating the number of children someone has is a violation of their human rights

    China's limiting of families to "one child" is in direct violation of their citizens' human rights, and thus, is not right or just. Besides being an affront to the sensibility of it's own citizens, the law led to an innummerable number of botched abortions, child abadonments, kidnappings, and other horrors. The world is better off without such draconian rules.

  • Policy never should have been put into place

    Yes, China should have ended their one child policy. The policy itself should never have been put into place. Since when does a governmental body have the authority to tell individuals how many children they can have or what their family makeup should look like? Governments do not have a right to use these methods for population control.

  • Not necessary, outside is a good way to prevent overpopulation and inside might impact social status but hey at least they're not the Mongols!

    Overpopulation is a theory I predict will consume the Earth like a bunch of maggots,feeding off the corpse of our materialistic resources and vital nonrenewable resources.China planned strategically by preventing overpopulation minimizing one child per family allowing more space for everyone and ensuring to prevent overpopulation.Yet inside it IS a problem with social status of "I'm that one and only kid in my family."Aside the cons of this use of social restraint, it can lead to a better future without overpopulation and maybe just MAYBE it doesn't happen.

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