Should China reform its system of forced labor camps?

  • Yes, China should reform many of its policies.

    Though China is a key player in the world economy, it continues to remain one of the most atrocious violators of human rights of any nominally developed nation. A country that depends so much on its citizens to perpetuate the state capitalism of China, should treat its citizens in a more humane manner so as not to create the potential for a destabilization such as rebellion or outright revolution.

  • Yes, they should be abolished.

    Forced labor camps are basically slavery. It is one thing to imprison people for committing a legitimate crime and to require a degree of fair work from them, as is the case in prisons of more civilized countries. But the people are still people with basic rights, and labor cannot extend to slave-like conditions like these Chinese folks experience. Many of these people are not even real criminals who are dangerous but rather just people who speak out as critics of the regime.

  • Yes, China needs to reform how they treat their citizens.

    China is now moving up on the world stage and it cannot continue to treat its people inhumanely. Civilized countries in the world recognize certain standards of humane treatment and will pressure China to meet those standards or else will restrict trade with China. It is not in China's best interests to persist in these harsh conditions and attempt to hide their existence.

  • Yes, human rights must be protected.

    If China wants to consider itself an important player in the world, then it must begin to hold itself to the standard set by the rest of the western world. It cannot deny these people basic human rights and still expect respect from the United States of America or Europe. Forced labor camps are unjust and should be stopped.

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