• Yes They Should

    I believe China should remain a member of the World Trade Organization but they should do more to help upcoming countries and help the workers in their own country. Furthermore, they should stop controlling their money as they have been. I believe China is an important member in the WTO, their loss would be troubling.

  • Yes, they should.

    China just needs tougher regulations on the goods that they export, or countries importing goods from the Chinese need to be stricter on what is or is not allowed. China has the largest manufacturing sector on the planet due to the sheer number of people. They can't just be booted out.

  • Biggies need love too

    As an emerging market, China offers an eager workforce that will produce commodities at extremely low labor rate. Also, as a major owner of other nations' debts, limiting China's ability to influence international economic policy would be paradoxical. Excluding a nation that has so much to offer in terms of being a competitive economic nation is nonsensical.

  • Yes, they should for now

    You can't push them out just yet,but they are quite an issue. They have aligned themselves with a horrible place like North Korea, tension is at an all time high. The future is uncertain,but we need to be weary of how we handle this,it could be a very dangerous things down the road.

  • No, China should not remain a member of the WTO

    China should not remain a member of the WTO for a couple of reasons. First, they do not enforce the labor laws that they have, so they have factories upon factories filled with waged slaves. Second, China purposely devalues their currency in order to undercut fair trade labor for countires like the United States.

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