• To a certain extent, they should. Then they should use it's power over North Korea.

    It's true that much of the wealth collated in North Korea goes straight to the dictator. But it's also true that without China, NK would have an even worse economy, and that would make for even more starvation.
    Right now, China has power over North Korea. They have their own motives for not using it, I think they should - and they should use it to close labor camps, and help put a stop to the many human rights abuses and brainwashings in North Korea.

  • If supporting a war, no, If just supporting yes.......

    China... Hmm many people in china helps north Koreans help to survive by rescuing them but they shouldn't support north Korea by war, which everyone think It will start a world war 3 so It shouldn't start. But fairly china IS helping north Korea in a good way so I will go on in a YES

  • Yes, China Should.

    China is one of North Korea's only ally on the international stage at this point. China has a duty to the people of North Korea to support them and help them through the recent tensions. The people of North Korea are suffering, and China can help negotiations by being a mediator.

  • No, China should not support North Korea.

    No, I believe that China should not support North Korea. Although the United States and China have had sometimes friendly, sometimes contentious relations with each other, North Korea has sworn to attack our country, and also attack South Korea. If China decides to support North Korea, it is validating the fact that Kim Jong Un thinks it wise to attack countries unprovoked, and China should also be prepared to become an enemy to us and to South Korea if it does support North Korea.

  • The North Korean government has one of the worst records of human rights abuses in world history.

    In the sense that the North Korean government has one of the worst records of human rights abuses in world history, and is a huge creator of unneeded tension in the world. China should still help the people of North Korea anyway it can however, and it goes without saying they probably need it.

  • No China should help disarm, not support, North Korea

    No, I do not believe that China should support North Korea, since China should be supporting other efforts to disarm North Korea. I think that China should join other nations like the United States in trying to make it so that North Korea cannot get a nuclear program, therefore China should not support North Korea.

  • China shouldn't support North Korea because who knows if they will go after them next

    North Korea is a dangerous regime and must be stopped. China realizes this, despite the fact that their ideology is similar, because they don't want additional competition as a world superpower. China should be looking to be the biggest, baldest and look to squash the competition. North Korea is too dangerous to let them keep going.

  • China shouldn't support North Korea

    The Chinese shouldn't support North Korea because there's really no true benefit of having North Korea as an ally. The North Korean economy is garbage, the military is outdated, the constant aid China has to give to North Korea is just a nuisance to China and the fact that North Korea's belligerence to the rest of the world would also reflect poorly on China.

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